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Limitations of Fraxel Laser Treatment

Laser and IPL Technology in Dermatology and Aesthetic MedicineThere are several advantages that have been recognized for Fraxel Laser Treatment. However, some of the limitations have also been identified in the form of the side effects of this process. The most common side effect that may be associated with Fraxel laser Treatment is that of Prolonged Redness.

Though redness is commonly associated with the procedure but prolonged redness can be defined as the side effect of this procedure. In most of the cases, prolonged redness generally settles down on its own. There is a greater chance that the prolonged redness would occur if the use of the different Vitamin A creams and other depigmenting lotions has been made after this treatment procedure.

Another side effect that has been observed to occur and which generally takes place after a few days is scabbing or light peeling. This generally occurs few days after the treatment has been given. Under most of the circumstances, this side effect will also resolve on its own.

A very common side effect associated with Fraxel Laser treatment is swelling. This is very common for a few days after the treatment. In most of the circumstances, medical practitioners may prescribe prednisolone tablets after the treatment so as to take care of this swelling.

There is a typical side effect observed in case of people who have olive or darker skins. This side effect is that of temporary increase in skin pigmentation. This side effect may also be seen in those people who expose their skin to sunlight after the treatment procedure. This can be prevented by ensuring the application of depigmenting lotion in people who have dark colored or olive skin complexions. This should be especially ensured after the Fraxel treatments. It is also advisable to make use of the oil-free sunscreen lotions after the Fraxel treatment procedure.

One of the rare side effects that is seen to be associated is scarring. In case, this side effect is seen, it is generally seen as a red thickened area and it is possible to treat the same by making use of injections of 5-fluorouracil or cortisone. In some of the individuals who go through this treatment procedure, a decrease in skin pigmentation may also be seen.

A very rare side effect of the Fraxel laser Treatment procedure is infection but cold sores have been often seen to be associated with Fraxel treatment procedure. This is extremely common in those who already have a previous history of cold sores. However, this can be prevented by making use of anti cold sore tablets.

By: Darren Blair

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  1. Like any other cosmetic treatment Fraxel has a few side effects. The good news is that all of them are temporary( swelling or local redness) and their main cause is the ability of Fraxel to affect deeper layers of our skin. But we should consider that this way only the damaged tissues will be fixed and the healthy ones will be untouched.

  2. To Fraxel Toronto: Thanks for the good news that you convey here, friend :)