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What happens when you get skin cancer?

What happens when you get skin cancer? Non-melanoma skin cancer is the most common cancer I the young population (20 - 39 age) and usually caused by too much sun exposure. Estimated new cases and deaths from non-melanoma cancer in the United States 1,000,000 new cases each year and deaths is less than 1,000. Skin cancer is the result of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation damage of the DNA in your cells. So what might happens is that, the damage DNA can induce an activation of the telomerase gene. The telomerase enzyme makes it possible for cells to divide indefinitely causing cancer.

How can you protect yourself from this damage. Eat broccoli sprouts these contains molecules (sulforaphane and indoles) that decreases the viability and activity of the telomerase enzyme. Using sun blocking lotion (even though these also contain some chemicals that are bad for the body) or wearing sun blocking clothes that will protect your body from harmful uv-rays is also good alternatives. Remember to get your vitamins because vitamins protects your body from harmful free radicals. Free radicals will also damage your cells enormously by inducing damage to your DNA.
The way vitamins protect you from these free radicals, is that the vitamins will bind the free radicals when they enter your cells. Free radicals are electronegative atoms covalently bonded to the same atom and where one of the atoms is lacking an electron in the outer shell like N2, O2 (also called super oxide). Avoid Aspartame at all costs because aspartame will be broken down into phenylalanine among other things inside your body and phenylalanine is the cancer cells favorite amino acid. Avoid Bisphenol-A, Dioxins etc. because these chemicals do also promote cancer cell growth. I do apologize for any misspellings, grammatical errors the problem is just that English isn't my native language.

By: Tim Poulsen

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