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Cancer and Foods

By: Joanne

In the modern age, cancer becomes a very common disease. However, there is one country in this world that none of her people has cancer. This country is Fiji. Now we all wander how this can happen. The medical experts start to study their life style. For so many years, we have spent so much money to find a cure to cancer. But sometimes, maybe the cure is just around us.

When we look at the Fiji's diet, it is so full of natural food which is the main source for vitamin Bs and selenium. I think most of us know about vitamin Bs, but what is selenium? From recent medical research, when combined with Vitamin E, Selenium is found to be a strong antioxidant. It helps to prevent cardiovascular disease and also cancer. Second question will be where it can be found? Selenium contained in all kind of vegetables, fruits or some plant eating animal.

One of the key ingredients in Fiji diets is buckwheat. Unlike other carbohydrate, buckwheat contains of rutin, niacin, linoleic acid, iron and many other minerals. Hence, buckwheat is able lower our blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Other than buckwheat, Fiji people also eat almond daily. Vitamin A, C, catechol and flavone can be found in almond. And most importantly, almond is the main source for vitamin B17. There are 2 types of almond, bitter almond and sweet almond. In Chinese medicine, bitter almonds are use to cure coughing and asthma. Sweet almond is mainly use for moisturizing the respiration system, especially the lung. However please take note while choosing the health products for almond. Amygdalin in almond which is after digested will be changed into cyanide and lead to poisoning. With the advancement in medical science, this substance can be isolated and separated. Normally health products now will not contain Amygdalin. Just a precaution, do look the indication for this substance.
Last but not least, seafood. Seafood is the main protein source for Fiji people. We all know that seafood is low in cholesterol and fat but high in protein and omega 3. Their lifestyle is also slow and peaceful. For those who is having a hectic and pressure life, maybe this is the time that you put down all your burden and take a deep breathe or vacations maybe. Fiji will be a good choice.

It is no surprise that the healthy diet of Fiji people makes the 0 patient for cancer possible. This is really something we need to learn and take it into our lives.

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