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Some Key Signs Of Addiction

"Addiction" is a term that has had difficulty holding onto its genuine meaning because it's been said too often. Individuals have thought that any craving, for anything from a much loved movie genre to a desirable food, is something they're "addicted" to. Nevertheless we ought to appreciate that a genuine addiction can be much more damaging than the desire we feel for something we just really like. But some objects or substances that aren't usually harmful may in reality be the objects of "addictions." There can genuinely be ordinary objects that inspire genuine addiction in some folks. Is that hot fudge sundae something you mildly desire, or is it a valid obsession? Here are some of the signs that you might be addicted.

Are you quite tolerant to greater quantities of the thing you crave? For example, once upon a time you might have felt better subsequently ingesting just one cup of coffee. Today, yet, it may take a lot more than that to help you feel evened out. This increase suggests that you might be addicted. While we consistently want more of something to help ourselves feel better it is a symptom that the something we're craving is starting to gain control over us. That syndrome is a classic signal that someone is definitely an addict.

Have you started hiding the effects you crave from other people? This is something that many persons who turn out to be addicted to drugs and alcohol will do. They need to make access both concealed and quick, and they're scared that other people have started to notice, so they stash things in places that are hard to find but easy for them to get to. When you strive to keep individuals from knowing what you're consuming by hiding your supplies from view, be aware that you may be getting addicted. But be sure to realize that there's a distinction between hiding bags of candy all over the house and denying that you ever eat any in contrast to merely stashing one bag so your spouse doesn't eat it all.

Are you honest with other people on how much or how often you have what you desire? Alcoholics, as an example, may have a few drinks at home and afterward go out to a tavern with friends for a few more. This allows them to drink as much as they fancy without it looking like they are having a lot in public. Or it's likely that after drinking with acquaintances they'll keep going on their own in private. This is a comprehensible indication of shame and guilt when you make use of this kind of strategy to lie implicitly about your actions. Do not ignore the mode that makes you feel.
Know that there are a lot of different typies of addiction. It isn't always drug addiction or alcoholism; regular actions like eating, shopping, or even just getting some exercise can turn out to be objects of addiction for some of us. Really ask yourself if it really is taking more of something to make you feel good, if you're concealing things or lying with reference to what you're doing, and if you feel guilty or ashamed; if so you're experiencing the warning signs of addiction and would be well advised to get some counseling. Just about anything is all right in moderation--it is when that something takes over other components of our lives that we have a tendency to run into trouble.

If you suspect that you have become addicted to a substance or activity, notify someone and try to get some help. You can regain power of your own destiny and leave your addiction behind.

By: Ilona Roberts

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