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Recommended Anti-Aging Treatments for Your Skin

Anti-aging treatments has come such a long way since the advancement in technology, a lot of new products have flooded the market offering optimal skincare and health remedies. As your biological clock continues to tick so does your distress and anxiety with the way you look and feel becomes apparent. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to hold on to that youthful appearance by taking special diets, using anti-aging products, and anti-aging treatments.

The abuse and improper use of anti-aging treatments and products, minerals, vitamins, anti-inflammatory, phytonutrients, and antioxidants are the leading cause of cellular degeneration that leads to rapid aging and diseases, which includes cancer. However, through technological advancement anti-aging treatments like Thermage, NuFace, Sculptra/Newhill, skin peel, laser, and new anti-aging products are now readily available and accessible to anyone.

Collagen Drinks: Collagen is made and can be found in your skin, which is the essential structure that supports your skin that keeps your face toned and plump. This treatment is very popular abroad, especially in Japan. It helps to prevent or reduce the aging process by injecting your skin with collagen, likewise it can be utilize also for wrinkles and lips to make it plump.

Vitamin C Serums: This treatment protect and defends the skin by preventing and thwarting free radical infiltration and damage which makes skin cells healthy and improve cellular regeneration.

Thread Lift: A new anti-aging treatment that tightened and toned the skin by inserting and pulling threads under your skin. It targets wrinkles, the jowl, and facial sagging. It is much more efficient compared to face lifts or plastic/facial surgery and only a small incision is needed which is done by a doctor.

Lasers Surgery/Treatments: Lasers is used to be a popular treatment, which over the years, come such a long way. Laser surgery or treatment resurfaces the skin, plumping up the skin, and remove hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles. The treatment process is expensive and time-consuming.

Light Therapy/Treatments: Uses lights (blue, red, and clear) that plump up and activates collagen in your skin to combat the aging process. It is very beneficial and advantageous if you have acne and it can be performed by a doctor/dermatologist.

Exercise and Nutrient rich Diet: The classic and essential anti-aging treatment that really works. By combining a good exercise routine and eating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fats, nuts, legumes, and fiber-rich food proves to be very beneficial and advantageous, which slowly prevents or reduces the aging process.

By: Jaime Harrison

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