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What Can I Do to Improve My Memory?

Our memory is a daily function that is not hard to understand just how important it really is. To be able to recall something as simple as a trip to the grocery store or where you parked your car after you were done shopping requires you to remember these kinds of items. But people think, "I have a bad memory and there is nothing I can do about it, and this is unfortunate. The real truth is that you can learn ways to improve your memory and sharpen it efficiency. The more time that you exercise your power in your "memory muscle," the better your memory improves. Old or young it does not matter you are capable of memory improvement and recalling virtually any type of information you need.

When you say to yourself, "there is no way that I am even going to remember this" is one of the easiest ways you often forget things. You not being lazy about your memory should be your number one rule. When you think you are no longer able to remember things that well that is when bad memory begins. You are capable of changing some simple things that will improve the order in which you remember information. Simply paying better attention, experts say, is half the battle in improving your memory. Things like paying special attention to a person's name when you meet them is something you can do instead of the other things that are running through you mind like the freshness of your breath or the first impression that person is making of you. You can repeat their name several times in your conversation with them, after the first time you hear it. By concentrating on one area, you will notice that you are paying more attention other things as well.
Repetition most experts say is a great way to remember important information. You can repeat the information you are trying to remember over and over again in your mind. The repetitious actions you take usually help you remember simple things. For instance, let's say you are thinking about the things that you need at the store; you should repeat what need to pick up as you think of them. You can say to yourself, "I need to buy the eggs or I need eggs and butter, or I need eggs, butter and bananas." While you are driving to the store repeat the items that you need form the store in your head over and over again. These items that you need to buy will be imprinted in your brain by the time you get to the store, and you will be able to walk out of the store with everything you need.

To improve your memory it takes less effort than you think. By imaging what you want and setting your mind to achieve this goal is the key. Picture yourself being confident that you can refer to a new person by their name because you know that you have retained it (through repetition) after hearing it for the first time. You can train your brain to remember new information with more ease by using these simple tips mention above regularly.
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By: Marcus Twain

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