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Sexual Dysfunctions Linked To Diabetics

It is fairly common for both males and females with type 2 diabetes to experience sexual problems. Many of those with diabetes aren’t aware that the sexual difficulties they are experiencing are a direct result of their blood sugar levels being out of control. We now realize that sexual dysfunction among people with type 2 diabetes is largely caused by damage done to the nerves and small blood vessels.

The human nervous system controls every organ, tissue and cell in your body. When there is damage to the nervous system, a decrease in the function of the sexual organs as well as other organs in the body can be found. Experts have agreed for many years that this is the cause of the sexual problems experienced by people with type 2 diabetes.

Another problem that has been discovered is altered hormone production as a result of an elevation of blood sugar. Strangely enough, many females take on male hormone characteristics and males take on female hormone characteristics. This is particularly a problem with the sexual organs. A decrease in the levels of testosterone among men results in lowered sexual desire as well as reduced ability to perform. Many people suffering from type 2 diabetes ask what can be done about this problem. The first and most important thing you can do to help yourself, your body and your sexual ability is very simply, to get your blood sugar levels under control. Until that is done. the damage created will likely get worse, not better.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

For diabetic women, sexual dysfunction is fairly common. Studies have found that at least 18% of females suffering from type 1 diabetes experience sexual dysfunction, while 42% of females suffering from type 2 diabetes also struggle with sexual dysfunction. Some of the more common forms of female, type 2 diabetic dysfunction are:

• Decreased or no desire for sexual activity
• Uncomfortable or painful sexual intercourse
• Decreased sexual response
• Decreased vaginal lubrication leading to dryness
• Polycystic ovary disease

Although unsure what the link between diabetes and female sexual dysfunction is, many health experts agree that it is as a result of high blood sugar levels, which can damage nerves and blood flow to sexual organs. It is also now known that high blood sugar levels can alter female hormone levels. The women that have a high level of estrogen sometimes discover that they become more testosterone dominant, and as a result begin to take on male hormone characteristics. The women with this condition cannot enjoy sex as their sexual desire or sexual drive has been reduced.
Many females suffering from type 2 diabetes also struggle with polycystic ovary disease. This disease occurs when high blood sugar levels alter hormone levels. Alterations in hormone levels can cause a significant amount of problems for females over time. And, because some of the prescribed medications for helping alter hormone levels in females has been linked to cancer, it is important for those diabetic women with sexual dysfunction to find alternative remedies than what is typically prescribed.

If you are a type 2 diabetic currently experiencing sexual problems, or you know someone with sexual problems that shows other signs or symptoms of diabetes, please see a doctor immediately. Once you are there, be sure to have your blood sugar level checked. Type 2 Diabetes is a very serious disease, and the sooner you start getting proper treatment, you can open the door to feeling better and living a long happy life.

By: Dr. Marc Ott

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