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Knowing Your Body And Keeping It Healthy

Keeping Them Healthy, Keeping Them Home: How to Care for Your Loved Ones at HomeWhen it comes to health there are many things that we are told and many of them have less to do with actions that will make us healthy and more to do with actions that will help to increase the wealth of certain special interest groups. As a matter of fact, you might be surprised that your health or lack there of is directly proportionate to who can make money from your disease.

Now this may strike you as a dishonest set of practices but you will probably not be surprised to learn that the foods that the "they of them" tell you to eat are those that someone is paying to have promoted through the government. It is for this reason that one minute they are promoting fruits and vegetables and the next meat, cheese, and milk. This has nothing to do with your health but who is paying the bills. You see it is those with the deepest pockets in the United States who have their agenda being pushed at any given time.

The very same is accurate about exercise programs and about well being care regimens. Quite a few even really feel that this will be the reason why a cure for cancer will never be discovered. Other well being issues have also been considered to be too profitable to the drug corporations to ever solve. Regrettably this is possibly more reality than any of us would like to admit.
In the end determining what is right for you and your family is not about who is paying the bills but about determining what works for your body and your mind. Many have turned modern medicine into a business and have turned good health into something that you can buy and sell. Ultimately, health comes from within and determining the best course of action for yourself is your best defense against disease.

Your body has quite a bit of knowledge within each and every cell and it knows not only what can make you sick but what can make you healthy. In the end you can determine the right and wrong course of treatment for your body by listening to what it tells you and watching how it responds to different stimuli. Don't allow anyone else to determine what you should and shouldn't do. Find out the information and then use your own body to decide what is best for you in the areas of health and wellness, diet and exercise, and even as far as different treatment options go.

By: Ethan C Kalvin

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