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Lighting Solutions for Aging Eyes

The Aging EyeAs the human body gets older, many physical and functional changes take place within it. A lot of these changes involve a decreased ability to perform tasks that once seemed basic. One essential ability that lessens as a person ages is his or her vision. Since most people rely on their ability to see throughout their entire lives, it can be quite disheartening when this important sense no longer performs as it once did. As the human eye ages, its cornea becomes hazy and the lens begins to absorb more light. Deposits in both the cornea and the lens cause an increase in light scattering inside the eye, making it difficult for a person to identify objects. In addition to a decreased ability to focus on an object, one’s ability to adjust to different levels of light is compromised.

Extensive research continues to be conducted to unfold the science behind regression of the eye’s functionality with age. Lighting industry leaders have taken notice of important findings regarding the role of lighting in vision enhancement, and in response have released product lines specifically designed to produce the type of light that counteracts some of the decreased visual ability that comes with aging.
Lighting solutions that illuminate in excess of one hundred footcandles, the level experts have determined to be optimal for reading, are already on the market. A footcandle is a measure of the amount of illumination on a surface. One footcandle can be equated to one lumen per square foot of surface area, but was originally measured by the intensity of light a candle produces from one foot away. New lights designed for the aging eye utilize a diffuser and a reflector, which make them capable of concentrating light only on the task at hand, such as a book or newspaper. Since these lights include a dimmer and the reflector can be physically maneuvered, they can be adjusted to concentrate light in the perfect position for optimal visibility. In addition to making the surface area of reading material more visible, this lighting makes it less necessary for the aging eye to try to adjust to varying levels of light.

Lighting that includes this new technology for the aging eye can be found in many different styles. Free standing floor lamps are available with or without an adjustable arm that is the perfect height for reading while relaxing in a favorite chair. Hanging ceiling lights, table lamps, desk lamps and sconces are also available with this technology to ensure that all household lighting needs can be fulfilled by this revolutionary lighting technology.

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By: John Billington

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