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Penis Elongation Diet

JES Male Penis Extender Deluxe Silver Box Set, Instructions IncludedThis matter, “Can diet promote penis elongation?” is an interesting topic and can be speedily answered by stating, diet does not enhance the size of the penis directly. There are natural herbs and vitamins found in certain foods that promote vasodilatation within the body as a whole. Many penis elongation pills prey upon this fact and cloud the truth by calling them penile enlargements. With vasodilatation, the penis does actually increase in girth but only for a small amount of time and small gain. This truth is also evident in some oil, supplement and cream manufactures that exaggerate their claims that these products are penile enlargements.

As I have mentioned before, pills, oils and supplements take specific derivatives out of natural food and smash them into a pill. If you would like to increase vasodilatation, look no further than your nearest market. Certain vegetables, meats and fruits support blood flow through the circulatory system which ultimately promotes flow through the penis as well. Examples of these foods are salmon, tuna, liver, carrots, tomatoes and sweet potatoes. Regardless of what I say, some of you will hear that sweet potatoes can lead to penis elongation. I don't know that I can prevent that!
Eating a proper diet does not directly lead to any substantial penile enlargements. So do not bother to stare at your organ while eating a tuna sandwich expecting to see signs of growth. Where diet does come into play is endurance and sustainability. Consuming high caloric foods only impedes your bodies systems while the opposite enhances, strengthens and sustains. You have heard this a thousand times but it is true. A proper amount of exercise enhanced with a suitable diet is an excellent foundation to grow your sex life.

If you are looking for some genuine penis elongation solutions, take a look at some of the other posts on this blog. As with any of your choices, be safe.

By: Joe Holyoke

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