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Simple Meditation Guide For Beginners

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Meditation: A Simple, Practical Introduction to the Art of Meditation for Health, Stress Relief, Peace of Mind, and HappinessThe art of learning meditation can prove to be easy if you master the techniques thoroughly. The beginning or the starting point is always the crucial thing. So take the first step for experiencing a peaceful transition to your mind, body and soul.

At first, search for a place where you are not likely to get disturbed. This could be an open place like your garden. Your bedroom can also be an ideal place for meditation provided it has enough circulation of air. It has to be a quiet place. You would not be able to relax if your room is placed beside a highway. However, gentle natural noises like chirping of birds or a running stream can prove to be the perfect foil for attaining a relaxed state of mind, essential for meditation. So, the issue of how to meditate for beginners becomes easy, once you get through this criterion.

Start relaxing slowly, after you have successfully achieved in finding a quiet place for meditation. The relaxation part is the most important in meditation. However, this cannot be achieved easily if your mind is preoccupied with stress. Breathing exercises are considered as the best meditation techniques for stress. Early hours in the morning is the best time for practicing the technique of deep breathing. This is because the air remains absolutely fresh and pure during this period. Try to relax each and every tensed muscles, starting from the eyebrows, down your neck, spine and finally to your feet. Remember to relax your hands and arms as well. Create positive thoughts in your mind and breathe deeply. Continue the process of inhaling and exhaling for at least fifteen minutes. However, successful execution of this age old exercise will require considerable time and effort on your part. This is because our hectic daily schedule has almost erased our notion of relaxation, and also we have learned to an extent the art of coping with our busy schedule.
Once you attain the state of relaxation, close your eyes slowly. Also slow down the breathing process. Make a conscious effort to count your breathe. This is the initial phase of how to meditate for beginners. You would be surprised to find how your mind gets filled with an air of peace and you heart rate and blood pressure comes into normal manageable proportions. This is the magic of meditation techniques for stress. Again, creative visualization through meditation can help us to relieve a significant proportion of our anxiety and stress. It cannot be achieved overnight. You need to develop positive thoughts within your mind to strengthen your creative power. For this you can take the help of a reliable friend, watch a video or listen carefully to an audiotape, describing intricate details on this subject. You would also find a good amount of reading material covering this topic.

To be precise, how to meditate for beginners becomes easy when you develop the power of producing creative images within your mind. It also becomes easy when your mind is completely free from all distractions in the backdrop of a tranquil, serene surrounding.

By: justin wood

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