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Skipping For Fitness

Valeo Jump Rope SpeedSkipping is recognised as one of the best ways to keep fit, lose weight and burn calories. It is cheap, fun and can be done at home, at the gym, with a partner or in groups.

Skipping ropes are also known as jump ropes and come in all lengths, colours and materials, they can also have wooden, PVC or foam grip handles, some jump ropes even have metal weights in the handles to give you a harder workout.

Specialist stores will stock everything you need to get started with your skipping.

The most popular rope is the PVC speed rope and the most popular length is 9ft. see the size guide below to see which length would suit your height.

Up to 4ft 10" - 7ft rope
4ft 11" - 5ft 5" - 8ft rope
5ft 6" - 6ft 0" - 9ft rope
6ft 1" - 6ft 6" - 10ft rope
Once you have found the right length rope and you feel comfortable with it, it's time to start your work out. One basic work out to begin with is to skip for one minute, counting the amount of skips you do in that minute. The aim of this work out is for you to eventually double the amount of skips you started off with, this could take two or three weeks but during this time, you will be getting fitter, stronger and better at skipping.

Once you have doubled the amount you started with, it's time to move onto a different, more testing work out. You can also mix your skipping with your normal exercise routine, for example, you could start off by skipping for two minutes then straight away, get on the floor and do sit ups for thirty seconds, skip for another two minutes then do press ups for thirty seconds, skip for a further two minutes then do some squats for thirty seconds, then finally, finish the routine by skipping for two minutes.

Always train hard and drink plenty of water during and after your workouts. Visit specialist online stores like Skipping-ropes4U where you will find a range of quality jump ropes, articles and workout routines for all your skipping needs.

By: John S Hunter

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