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Ways To Keep Your Skin Looking Young

Forever Young: The Science of Nutrigenomics for Glowing, Wrinkle-Free Skin and Radiant Health at Every AgeThis outer layer of your body plays a very important role in keeping your entire system healthy. Often overlooked your skin is the very first line of defense for your body and as a result it is an organ that needs caring for. Many people think nothing of abusing their skin or not taking care of it and perhaps one of the biggest infractions that individuals cause to their skin is over baking it.

Basking in the sun may seem like a lot of fun and some people just love to sit out in the sun, rub baby oil all over themselves, and then bake for hours at a time every day. Initially they will tell you that this makes them look good, nice and tan, however over time this insane ritual can really cause major health issues especially in the form of skin cancer.

Skin cancer can develop on anybody although the more time somebody stays in the sun the better the chances that they are going to come across some form of skin issue during their lifetime and while many believe that tanning beds present a safe alternative to natural sunlight for those that like to brown themselves this has not yet been validated. A lot of people find that reasonable amounts of natural sunlight while wearing even a moderate level of sunscreen can help to prevent the many medical issues that can arise from over exposure to the sun's rays.

Now there are even sun tanning alternate options in the form of various bronzers and lotions for individuals who want to enjoy that summertime bronze look all year round without having to expose themselves to the sun's harmful rays. It is an easy alternative for those wanting to tan.
Tanning could cause the skin to become leather like and tanning over an extended period of time doesn't just place you at higher risk for skin cancer but can also cause your skin to become less attractive. One of the advantages of nice looking skin is that it is flexible and over tanned skin tends not only to become tough and dry but also tends to make someone look more wrinkly and older.

Your skin is your very first line of defense so you should definitely treat it with respect and it'll help keep you safe from disease and infection for years to come. Rubbing lotion on your skin and making use of moisturizers can help to keep the skin pliable and using sunscreen daily can help protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays that could breakdown your body's main defense against the outside world.

By: Ethan C Kalvin

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