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Colon Cancer Symptoms To Watch Out For

Knowing colon cancer symptoms is important. These signs are not always noticeable, however anyone can learn how they feel and what they look like. First of all, you have to be more familiar with some things regarding the colon since that will help you to know what colon cancer symptoms might feel like. The colon absorbs nutrients and water and it is found in the digestive system. This is the major part of the large intestine and it is about 1.83 meters long. The last 15.24 centimeters are the anal canal and rectum. The colon removes waste from the body that forms into the stool.

There are several colon cancer signs, but these are not obvious in the early stages. This is the reason why people who are above fifty should have screening regularly. There are two general types of colon cancer symptoms. The local symptoms affect your bowel habits and also the colon. The bowel habits can be more or even less frequent compared to your normal bowel movements. There could also be abdominal discomfort, constipation and diarrhea. Sometimes the diarrhea and constipation could alternate. Stools can have bright or dark red blood and they can also be thinner.

The second type are the systemic symptoms that affect the entire body like a reduction in weight. This kind also includes loss of appetite, excessive tiredness, anemia, jaundice, which is the yellow color to the whites of eyes and skin, and vomiting.

Anyone who experiences any of these signs should talk to a doctor right away. Whether these have been felt for just days or weeks, calling a doctor is necessary. By doing this, all the necessary things can be done earlier to protect someone's health. The doctor will also discuss the situation immediately and arrange for some tests to find out the main cause of the symptoms. The doctor will get your medical history and samples of blood.
To prepare for some tests, it is better to ask your doctor about the things that you need to do to be ready for the procedure. There are prescriptions that are intended for colon clearing to be able to perform a good test. You should not be embarrassed in undergoing screening since this is the only way of knowing your health condition.

Symptoms of colon cancer generally cannot be noticed until the disease goes to a higher stage. This is the importance of undergoing screening since it can identify the disease even in its earlier stages. Doing something while it is in these early stages is better. Screenings are a good way of making sure about your health status.

By: Sandy Rutherforde

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