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Learn How Soft Laser Treatment Is Applied To Enjoy Its Benefits

The use of light therapy in the reduction of chronic pain in parts of the body is referred to as cold therapy or soft laser therapy. This treatment is a solution for those suffering from health conditions ranging from migraine headaches, joint pains, back pains, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, neck pains among others. All these ailments bring about painful symptoms.

Soft laser therapy is done through increasing the intake of serotonin which helps in the treatment of the affected body part. The term 'soft laser' came from the word photo-therapy. It is a way of healing by use of a special light. The light penetrates the skin and tissues next to the skin to speed up natural body healing. This special light is usually compressed light and it has a wavelength similar to that of light found in the red section of the light spectrum. Phototherapy was developed 30 years ago.

In the therapy process, metabolism rate of the cells is raised after light energy is exposed to the body cells. This leads to the development of muscle and collagen tissues, blood circulation, and stimulation of wound healing, repair of tissues and a healthy nervous and immune system.

All cells in our bodies are made to do a specific task. The cells include skin and blood cells. A human body is made of all kinds of different types of structural DNA. Each of these single units come together to form one system. They then interact with one another as a single unit with other systems. When each of these systems works in odder and cohesively with other independent systems; then our bodies are termed as healthy.

Whenever there is an illness or disease, damage occurs on the cell structure in the areas around the affected part. When the technique is applied, it penetrates through the systems boundaries healing the damaged cellular structures. The process does not involve surgery and healing starts immediately after the treatment.
The treatment helps in the production of a chemical known as adenosine triphosphate. Its functions include sustainability of the cells, development of new cells and well being of each unit. It does not include the manipulation of the already existing cell structures. The initial structure and composition remains the same.
The treatment has shown a high promise when it comes to improving the growth of healthy cells amidst sickness. Light is applied and thereafter, nature is left to take its course for body response. This leads to sustainable results.

Cases of inflammation reduction have also been reported from the use of this therapy. In areas like nerves, lymph systems, cartilage and muscles it has shown a dramatic inflammation decrease which causes painful symptoms. This on the other hand, has seen cost in medical treatment reduce significantly for most current problematic illnesses.

The soft laser treatment option could be one best ways to start dealing with those diseases that are deemed terminal or cause pain. It has the potential to help the body to turn itself into its best treatment by the production of chemicals that facilitate cell recovery.

By: Allan Ryckman

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