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Quick Techniques to Last Longer in Bed Today

While to gain long term and permanent control over premature ejaculation, men need to learn how to control their sexual response, re-train their ejaculatory reflex to naturally last longer, and learn some other critical information about ejaculation control. However, there are moments where a quick, in the moment fix is needed when getting too close to ejaculation. Here are a few techniques that can be used to instantly last longer and delay ejaculation.

* Focus on short, shallow penetrations. This will stimulate the vaginal entrance, where the majority of a woman’s nerve endings are, giving them more pleasure. This will help women become aroused more quickly, which helps the man get his partner to climax quicker. Most importantly this will make it less stimulating for the man, effectively prolonging your pleasure and hers.

* Slow down the pace and take some slow, deep thrusts. This will decrease how much stimulation your penis is getting while not having to stop intercourse. When you are deep, try grinding your hips and wiggling your pelvic bone. This will reduce your stimulation even more while still stimulating her as your pelvis will be in direct contact with her clitoris.

* Focus on your partner first before worrying about yourself. By making sure that she has an orgasm first, a lot of the pressure will be released, allowing you to relax some and not be so overwhelmed, which can affect how quickly you climax.
* If you do happen to climax before your partner, don’t get discouraged and stop everything. Keep focusing on her and after a few minutes you will be ready to go again (round two). Most men last longer the second time around anyway and your partner will appreciate the extra attention.

* Switch it up and have her on top. Your penis will be less stimulated from this position, allowing you to regain control again. Ask her to go nice and slow at first to extend it even longer. This position will give the woman control and she will be able to move exactly the way she likes, making it easier for her to climax.
* There’s no shame in having to just completely stop and compose yourself. If you can, try to stimulating her entire body while you reset so she is not left lying there. Also, if she is still getting pleasured, she is much more likely to reach orgasm when you resume intercourse or even climax before you resume and then your thrusting is an added bonus to her.
* Wear a condom, not only do they immediately reduce stimulation and friction to your penis, but they are a good safety measure. Many condoms now come with lubrication that warms up with friction and this may also assist your partner in climaxing quicker, masking any premature ejaculation.

Remember these are quick fixes, Band-Aids, not solutions to premature ejaculation. To master your time to orgasm takes effort but once conquered you will have a new found confidence that woman will recognize the minute you enter a room. We have found www.mensresults.com to be a helpful resource for information on how to cure Premature Ejaculation and last longer bed.

By: William Larchmont

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