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Best Vibration Exercise Machine

Vibrating exercise machines were originally developed to stimulate parts of the body that were not functioning properly. Modern machines are used for similar purposes with the additional benefits of weight loss and over all good health. The best vibration exercise machine is made of all steel with very plastic parts. However, with advanced technology, many plastics used in today's exercise equipment are just as durable as steel.

As a therapy, the whole body vibration technique was originally explored by the Russian scientist, Vladimir Nazarov. He tested the technique on cosmonauts in an attempt to lessen the loss of muscle tone and bone mass during space travel. The minimal gravitational forces available in space caused cosmonauts to lose muscle strength and bone density, putting them at a higher risk for breaks and fractures when they came back to earth.

Vibration Training

With vibration training the cosmonauts were able to increase muscle strength and bone density. Vibration training quickly became very popular in the fitness industry. It is widely used in rehabilitation, physical therapy and training programs for professional athletes, as well as for body sculpting and wellness.

Buying Tips

If you want to buy a vibration exercise machine for your own use, keep these tips in mind before you buy:

• Make certain the machine is made mostly of high quality steel. If there are plastic parts, check to make sure they are not weak or flimsy.
• Make sure the vibration machine was not made in China.
• Only buy from a reputable company.
• Check out the warranty. These machines are not cheap, you do not want to be stuck with a defective machine with no warranty to back it up.
• Buy a machine with a triangular oscillation motion, these are more durable and effective than the up and down piston versions.
• Test the noise level. Some machines are so loud they shake up your whole house.
• Make sure the machine has upper body vibration straps. This doubles the workout and dramatically increases the results.
• Check if the machine gives you the full range of vibration speeds you need to get the results you want. Some machines advertise false specifications.
• Measure the area where you plan to put the machine to make sure it will fit.
• Price is not a gauge for quality. Some inferior machines may have a huge mark up, while reasonably priced machines may actually be built better.

These buyer tips have been compiled from actual customer complaints. You can take a lesson from the bad experiences others have had in their search for the best vibration exercise machine on the market.

By: Cedric Loiselle

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