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Can I get out of the smoking trap?

If the smoking dependency is just a trap, and you can count it is, the only way to get away from it is knowing how to do that!
But why does people, actually, smoke?

Here is the key to understand...

To become a non-smoker you have to start with learning why you started smoking.
The long phase of smoking, the failures in the cease attempt, all of that made me suppose that I will never have the strength to cease for real!

Rather than learn how to go out from the trammel I was, unbelievable but truthful, dropping into the entrap more and further.
Every time, in fact, I failed to quit. I truly commence to be convinced that cease smoking was just impossible!

One day, oh gorgeous that day, I woke up and, thanks to all the examining and the "study" I've done, I started to look at the whole "smoking addiction" on a different level!

Why people smoke?

Why do I smoke?

This was the wonderful day I found the way out the smoking addiction! This was my first day without the cigarette!
The mere reality is that I smoked for all that years without not even understand why! Maybe strange or stupid...but true...

So many people smoke, I was not unlike!

How could be that a person is so stunned to obliterate himself thoughtfully and in a such horrific way, spending at the same time a lot to do that?
If we try to find a explanation we cannot...

I am aware very well of what there is in the mind of a smoker when he says:
I love to smoke

Smoking relaxes me

I have just intoxicated my lungs, if I reduce the number of cigarettes
without quitting completely will make no difference

It is hard to stop, even more in "this" particular period of my life

Smoking provokes cancer... good everybody has to die of something sooner or later

...some examples...These are only lies, the smoker uses to try to make credible what cannot never be!

No human being can in fact smoke a cigarette without a long phase of training; you recognize it well, since it is not a thing that our being asks!

The question is all in that:

Why the smoking dependence catch so a lot of people?

Only one cause:

So many people that contribute that example!

Ok, I was, and I am even now, somebody who does not wish to adopt the tendency.
Beside, the world's patterns are so powerful to force everybody to do something that is impossible to take a real free choice!

In all of that there is the ensnare, we cannot know why we truly like this or that, in fact we don't, but the common sense says:"yes you have to...".Is this the meaning of "freedom of idea"?
The same dependence effect, from a chemical level, will make all this even heavier.
Nevertheless, the nicotine is a real drug, but on the other hand its detachment effects are very tiny, this means we can each time get out of it!

More or less 3 weeks is the normal cycle for a quitting smoking timeline, furthermore in this cycle we will stand to very small and trouble less side outcomes.

Looking inside of yourself the verity is clear, you know all these basis are no longer reasonable as soon you terminate to lie to yourself.
After 20 years from our first cigarette, maybe, the reason that had convinced us to get smoking is no longer one of our most crucial matters, for example convince that girl/boy that we are better of what we genuinely are by doing something "cool".

Now, the only thing that continues to keep us stuck is our incapability to guess ourselves without the cigarette.
Also this social model...

How many times a non-smoker, even a close relative, said something like:
"It is hard...everybody knows it...simply please do it for me... "
Do you recognize what is it?
He/she does not even smoke only he/she is entirely convinced that stop smoking is difficult...

What a... ?

Here is the illusion! Everybody believe that!
But if ceasing smoking is so complex...
... why the smoking is something further and more declined by the same society?
... why all the only smoker aspiration is to be able to quit smoking?
... why was I, lastly, able to stop smoking, and that time I did it with no effort at all?
Since ceasing smoking IS NOT hard, it is merely to hold off the fearfulness to quit for real that could be!
So, why was I so afraid?
... Save a lot of money?
... Be free from all the bondage that the cigarettes coerce us to live every day?
... Begin to figure my life without all that potential horrific diseases?

Of course not...

So... why do so many people smoke?

Actually, I am no longer a smoker...I cannot remember even one of these false excuses that I was usual saying...

By: J.J. Windrose

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