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Genetic and Environment - The Two Major Causes of Mental Health Illnesses

The issue of mental health illnesses is a growing problem in the world today. Especially now since our economy has fallen on hard times. Thousands of educated and uneducated, PHD's and GED's are out of jobs and are finding it harder and harder to cope with everyday problems. In this article, we will discuss two of the major contributors that are causing a surge in mental illnesses: Those two are genetics & the environment.

Genes play a vital role in the mental capacity of a person. The genetic makeup of a person can be influenced by the past occurrences of mental problems in the family. Some traits may be dominant & some may be recessive. This heredity trail can increase the risk of mental illnesses.

Conversely, there is the affect of the environment. The environment can play a catalyst role in the development of mental health illnesses. If a person is born into a nurturing network of supportive family and friends then the person may be more likely to combat the genetic sickness.

Inversely, if the person is born into an abusive uncaring network, then the person may be more likely to develop the genetically acquired an unhealthy mental capacity. Although your genes are innate, you can modify your future by having supportive parents, family and friends.

If you come from a family of mental illnesses; as the information about our mental development as stated above, there is something you can do. Seek help at the first sign of concern, get around positive people or even relocate if you have too.

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By: Deborah Pretty

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