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What is Mental Health and Why is it Important?

What is mental health?
Short answer: psychological and emotional well-being
Long answer: It concerns on the emotions and thoughts of a person and how it affects his outlook in life and relationships.

Mental health deals with your well being where you realize your abilities, cope with life's problems, and stay productive.

A person with a sound mental health will not think about killing himself or hurting others. He loves his life to ruin it. In this world, we need to make sure that everyone is sane. Checking your mental health is just as important as checking your physical well-being. You need to make sure that you have no illness in your body and mind.

Why is it Important?
Now, you need to know "what is mental health", we got to its importance in your life.

1.) Education - when we study about mental health, we could educate people on what practices we should do to prevent a person from being suicidal, anxious, and hateful. We want people to have a positive outlook in life so we study what makes them happy. We apply what we learn from the studies to promote better mental health.
2.) Treatment - when we know what makes a person sad and what makes him happy, we could scientifically think of ways to make him happy almost all the time. If he has a weak mental health, we could research on ways to bring his sanity back. We could think of treatments to boost his ego and turn that person into a productive, strong, and rational individual. We want to turn that person from an emotional to a logical individual.
3.) Physical health - there is a relation between your mental health and your physical health. When you think of negative thoughts, you lower your body's resistance to fight sickness. People who always worry tend to be sicklier and have shorter life. We need to know about how to calm those negative thoughts down. Laughter is not the only effective medicine to fight pain; good thoughts also calm the heart and strengthen our immune system.

We have answered 2 questions: "what is mental health" and "why it is important." Your next question would be "how do I maintain a sound mind?" The answer would be this: you must be able to love your self, love what you are doing, and enjoying every second of it. There are also several practices to maintain a sound mind and you can ask what these are from psychologists and counselors.

By: Giesele Bohn

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