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White-collar women in health care tips

White-collar women busy all day, particularly fast pace of life, and only after work and so have their own breaks. This long period of white-collar women to sub-health state. Health care workers also should arouse the attention of women. This article recommends several very useful white-collar women in health care tips.I believe it you will be very helpful.

1.Can not stay up late.
sleep deprivation do not stay up late metabolic disorders. Often stays up late or not normal people rest not only old very fast, health will be severely damaged, it can not stay up late do not stay up late. 4 hours of sleep per night, or less than 4 hours of people, the body of carbohydrate metabolism in the handling of problems can arise. To improve the quality of sleep, you can go to bed 2-3 hours before exercise, can sleep flat. Meanwhile, in a hot bath before going to bed or a cup of hot milk is also good.

2.Fell in love with bath.
Bath is to maintain the balance between body and mind one of the most simple, repeated bathing in the way of high temperature, can promote blood vessel contraction and expansion. Bath time 3 minutes, rest 5 minutes before bathing, repeated three times, you can unknowingly consume a large amount of energy, the effect is equivalent to one kilometer jogging. Meanwhile, the bath can also promote renovation of old skin, keep skin smooth and detailed. But the heart always bad people who are not suitable for bath, try traditional health remedy hot foot bath, foot microvascular expansion can promote blood circulation, while achieving fitness objectives.

3.Soybean born female friends.
Soy and soy products contain large amounts of plant estrogen, in the prevention of breast cancer play an important role, especially in soybeans, can change the secretion of hormones. Clinical studies have shown that soy products have a balance and the role of estrogen in the body, when estrogen is too low, soy or soy products will make it increase, but when estrogen is too high, it will also reduce the soy or soy products.

By: Fangcao

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