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All About The Causes Of Vaginal Spasms

It is estimated that every one out of 10 women suffer from vaginal spasms. These spasms mostly occur due to a condition known as Vaginismus. In Vaginismus, there is an involuntary spasm of the Pubococcygeus muscles in the vagina. This muscle spasm leads to complete closure of vaginal opening and makes it almost impossible for a woman to have painless sexual intercourse. Here, we are going to take a detailed look on the various causes of Vaginismus.

Vaginal spasms can occur due to deep rooted fear: A deep rooted fear embedded in the mind of the woman about sex can lead to Vaginismus and vaginal spasms. This deep rooted fear can be due to many reasons. Some women may get this fear in their mind by hearing negative things about sex such as ‘it hurts while having sexual intercourse’, ‘sexual intercourse causes bleeding’ and so on.

Past traumatic experiences: Some past unfortunate experiences in the life of the woman may also lead to vaginal spasms or Vaginismus. These unfortunate experiences mostly include rape or sexual abuse. Due to these dreadful past experiences, a woman develops a sense of fear about having sex and, hence, she refrains from having any kind of sexual activity.

Past traumatic pelvic exams: This is also one of the leading reasons behind women experiencing vaginal spasms. Women who had gone through a painful pelvic examination may develop anxiety and will cringe even with the thought of someone touching their vagina. Such women may also develop fear with the sight of a needle or any other pointed object. This anxiety in turn leads to involuntary vaginal spasms and Vaginismus.

Exposure to negative attitudes towards sex: Exposure of a girl towards rigid, guilt-ridden and negative attitudes towards sex during childhood can also lead to vaginal spasms. This is mainly because; as the upbringing of the girl occurs in a house that is totally negative about sex, the girl also develops a negative attitude towards sex and, hence, she gets vaginal spasms or Vaginismus.

Fear of pregnancy: Some women avoid from engaging in sexual intercourse as they fear they might get pregnant. While having sexual intercourse, these women develop a sense of fear about getting pregnant and this ultimately leads to vaginal spasms and Vaginismus.

Child delivery: This is also one of the major causes of vaginal spasms, which affects married women and lead them towards developing Vaginismus. During child delivery, there is a lot of strain caused to the vagina and due to that, a woman gets muscles spasms as she attempts to have sexual intercourse after giving birth to a child.

These were some of the major causes that lead to vaginal spasms in women. Apart from these, several other causes such as venereal diseases (diseases related to external sex organs), cancer can also lead to vaginal spasms.

As you can see that the causes of vaginal spasms in Vaginismus are both physical as well as psychological. Considering this, there are also physical as well as psychological treatment options available that will help a woman to get rid of vaginal spasms and Vaginismus completely. Some of these treatment options include physical treatments such as vaginal dilating and Kegel exercises. In terms of psychological treatments, there are plenty of options. However, the ones, which help a woman to overcome vaginal spasms, include behavioral therapy, counseling and so on. Apart from these, there are also various complementary treatments available that help to treat vaginal spasms and Vaginismus. These complementary treatments mostly include massage, biofeedback and natural therapy.

By: Sarah A. Matthews

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