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Keep Fit And Healthy - Use A Treadmill

People throughout the world are facing problems with obesity and they are finding ways to fight it out. Obesity is the root cause of other diseases that correlates with it. According to medical terms, obesity is the accumulation of excessive body fat which would affect the general health of the people. This will lead to serious diseases resulting in a reduction in the span of life of human beings. That is the reason why support groups are advocating the necessity for safe and healthy ways of losing weight.

If you are the person who is suffering from obesity, then it is the right time for you to learn and understand the importance of cardio exercises into a weight loss program. Cardiovascular exercises are the physical activities and these exercises would raise your heartbeat to around 80% of the maximum heart rate for an extended time.

When your muscles are subject to strenuous activities for a minimum of twenty minutes, then they need sufficient quantity of oxygen from the blood to enable them to continue their work. That is why the heart rate rise and the lungs pump faster to meet the demand for more oxygen. Any form of exercise, that helps to raise the heart rate sufficiently, can be named as a cardio exercise.

Here are some of the possible exercises you can follow in your weight loss and fitness program.

Brisk Walking

Walking is the simplest form of cardiovascular exercise as you require no special equipment for this exercise. You can go for walking anywhere and at anytime, but preferable in the early morning and this may change in winter. In this process you will burn only 180 calories in 30 minutes.


When compared to speed walking, running is considered far better since running helps you to build strong bones and connective tissues. This exercise also do not require any equipment and can be practised anywhere. Running also helps you to burn more calories and especially when you run on inclined surfaces like hills, you are likely to burn 300 calories when you run with a speed of about 6 miles per hour.

Use of Treadmill

If you perform exercises on a treadmill for 30 to 45 minutes, then you will be able to burn fat faster. It should always be kept in mind that you should perform light exercises before moving gradually from moderate exercise to vigorous one. The researchers feel that 30-minute treadmill exercise will be more effective in burning fat than any other form of exercise.

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