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Signs Of Cancer

Cancer is a group of sickness that can affect almost any and everywhere on the human body, either internally and externally so it is very difficult to identify any specific symptoms. However there are one or more changes that can be identified which can make you aware in order to get a check up at your doctor.

A lot of times cancers are difficult to detect and may only show signs within the critical stages of its growth when the disease is at an advance stage. One of the main signs of cancer can be an unexplainable growth in a tissue anywhere in or on the body called a tumor. The tumor may build up on its own or up against blood vessels, organs and nerves.

When persons go through fever or undue weightloss, it may be a signal that a cancer is at work. Almost all cancer patients will get fever at sometime; the fever also makes it harder for the body to stand up against the cancer.

Unexpected feelings of extreme tiredness, are a huge symptoms for cancer. Cancer cells utilize a great deal of the body’s energy supply as it spreads, so these symptoms occur. The cancer is also capable of changing the way in which the body makes energy from food to cause excessive tiredness. Cancer can cause extreme and consistent pain in the body, this can also be a sign that the disease is worsening.

Different types of cancers lead to changes in the color of the skin which is attributed to diseases such as erythema, jaundice, hyperpigmentation and pruritis. Erythema is responsible for making the skin reddened, Jaundice adjust the skin and eye colors to a yellowish shade and hyperpigmentation produces a darker looking skin. Pruritis on the other hand causes the skin to itch. Excessive hair growth can also be associated with the growth of cancer cells.

Cancer growth can also adjust the color and volume of a person’s urine and stool. This can lead to diarrhea, constipation. Dizziness, vomiting. Cancer cells are capable of releasing chemicals into the bloodstream that result in blood clots at different parts in the body. If there are also cuts anywhere on the body that do not heal, that may also be a signal for cancer.

There are other cancers that can be felt through the skin. Finding a lump on the breast, lymph nodes, testicles or any soft tissue on the body may be reason for suspicion that cancer is a possibility. It is wise to observe changes in a mole, wart or freckle that changes in size, color or shape. All these symptoms are good enough reasons to seek medical aid.

By: Marcia McWhite

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