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Treating Snoring With Acupressure

For many adults, the idea of sleeping soundly is something of a joke. A large percentage of the adult population snore, most of them frequently, and many of those who don’t snore, sleep next to someone who does. Whether you are kept up at night by a snoring partner or you’re the one doing the snoring, you probably want to know how to make it stop.

The treatment of snoring is a difficult question with a complicated answer. People snore for different reasons which mean that a fix all that worked on everyone just wouldn’t be possible. People have to find what works for them. For some people that solution is a sort of numbing spray that stops snoring by being sprayed into the back of the throat. For other people that solution is surgery, or a mask, or a pill. There is no end to the types of treatment people use to treat their snoring.

There is, however, an alternative to the medications and surgical procedures. It isn’t a pressurized mask or a device that fits into the mouth, though those exist as well. This is a treatment that has existed for thousands of years but that is only becoming widely popular in the last decade or so. We’re talking about acupressure.

For over five thousand years, people in Asia have been using acupressure on a variety of medical and psychological ailments. Now, those treatments are becoming much more widespread as people discover their effectiveness.

Acupressure is the ancient Chinese practice of treating ailments and illness by applying pressure to specific places on the body known as acupressure points. There are acupressure points and techniques for thousands of problems, ailments, illnesses and pains. There are even acupressure points related to snoring.

Since you can’t exactly make an appointment with an acupressure specialist every night before going to sleep, a device was created that applies gentle pressure to the specific acupressure points on the finger related to snoring. This device is known as an anti-snoring ring. It looks like an ordinary ring. It is a plain band with tiny nubs on the inside of the ring that line up to match the necessary pressure points.

When using an anti-snoring ring, people have reported that their snoring eased or stopped altogether after a few nights of wearing the ring. Some even claimed that their snoring stopped completely the very first night of wearing it.

Though it may not work for everyone, anti-snoring acupressure rings were created based on techniques that have been used for centuries. They use no chemicals or medicines, which means no nasty side effects, and they’re relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to pressurized masks and surgery.

Whether through acupressure or another means, sound sleeping is possible. Snoring is an ailment, not an inevitable fact of life.

By: Caz

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