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Curing Mesothelioma - Can it be Done?

With the likehood of cure for mesothelioma , traditional methods were not capable of new forms of treatment for mesothelioma have been studied and studied to provide. Mesothelioma experts are optimistic that new and effective ways to treat this rare type of cancer will soon be the victims of the disease caused by asbestos disposal. Some of the studies currently underway are:

Anti-angiogenesis, this method is the use of special drugs that prevent tumor growth by building the blood vessels. Unlike other anti-angiogenesis cancer cells directly, but affects the blood supply is crucial for the survival and growth of existing tumors and the development of new ones.

Photodynamic therapy (PDT), there is a recent method that has specialized in the treatment of pleural mesothelioma. However, studies reveal that patients with metastatic mesothelioma not responded to Paris, while a number of encouraging results for patients with moderate disease that has not widen yet. With energy from light, PDT can go to destroy cancer cells.

Immunotherapy , as well called biological therapy. This method is specific for the body's immune system strengthened in the fight against cancer. The immune system plays an important role in the fight against all forms of cancer. But particularly for mesothelioma, where normal methods of treatment is not a cure, study is hope that immunotherapy may be the next big breakthrough in the treatment of this health condition with asbestos be rare here.

Immunotherapy for mesothelioma can be divided into two main categories:

A. Active immunotherapy - in this process are cancer cells from the patients away, and then analyzed in a laboratory, a vaccine that can go back to the sacrifice of mesothelioma in order to be fed to the theory and not develop-scientific The immune system recognizes the vaccine as a threat and then do the same with regard to the actual cancer cells.

B. Passive immunotherapy is in this process, substances such as cytokines or related items to the body's immune system in terms of how it reacts to affect cancer cells.

Gene therapy is the method of genetic target cancer cells and enhance their actual sensitivity to chemotherapeutic agents. One of the most promising of a new gene therapy treatment of mesothelioma is called "suicide gene therapy." Basically forces cancer cells to commit suicide.

All new mesothelioma treatments are at this time only mentioned in clinical studies in patients who are interested.

By: Dona Kiyo

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