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Head Lice Treatment: Fact Vs Fiction

When it comes to implementing an effective head lice treatment, parents across the world often find their attempts hindered by a range of fictitious ideas and remedies. In fact, determining fact from fiction is not only a time consuming challenge that most parents face when their child has head lice, but it also has the potential to significantly delay a child's treatment and recovery. So, being able to appraise the swathes of information that you receive as a responsible adult is critical, both in terms of treating an infestation of life and maintaining your child's level of comfort.

The Myths Exposed: Head Lice Treatment in 2012

You have probably heard thousands of potential head lice treatments in your time as a parent or guardian, but how many of these are actually viable and likely to achieve long term relief? The following are all long standing myths of effective head lice treatment, and to be avoided at all costs:

1. Home based produce can cure lice: There are horrendous tales of parents immersing their child's head in any number of everyday food items and condiments, ranging from mayonnaise to olive oil. Bot only does this not cure lice however, but it can also cause long term damage to a child's scalp.

2. Most Store Brand Lice Treatments are Effective: Unfortunately this common theory is untrue, and in fact suggests the reverse of the truth. Established store brands are actually becoming less effective as different species of lice continue to build their immunity over time.

3. Either a Shampoo or a Nit Comb Should be Used to Treat Head Lice: Again this statement is not true, and betrays the fact that it is an integrated treatment that provides the very best long term relief from an infestation of head lice. It may cost a little more for parents, but it guarantees an effective and long lasting remedy.

Embracing the Facts in 2012

It is clear that while these myths may be colorful, they are completely unfounded in fact or testimony. The simple truth is that an effectively administered head lice treatment, comprising of an independently manufactured conditioning shampoo and the application of a specialist nit comb, is more than adequate in clearing a lice infestation from your individual child and household. So do not be deterred from following this tried and trusted treatment path, regardless of the advice you are offered by well meaning friends and family.

By: L R Humphries

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