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How much is the agility and power of your mind worth to you? Regardless of how much you might have said, the monetary value should not be more than zero. What you have to invest is time. There are plenty of exercises that you can implement on a daily basis and acquiring that information is easy and free. Of course there are a number of good (e)books out there that will provide more in depth knowledge of how to properly power your brain. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

We have two brain halves, use them: Each of our brain halves is designated to dealing with different functions depending on their nature. All those that require logical analysis, problem solving and objective reasoning are take on by the logical side. Meanwhile, the things in our lives that depend on creativity, self expression and improvisation are dealt with by our creative brain half.

If you are like the vast majority of the population, you will be having to attend problems that have to be solved logically and objectively more frequently than encounter activities where the creativity in you is challenged to provide a result. However, musicians, artists and other performers (not exclusively) will deal more with improvisation and rely more on what feels more right in their day to day. What will give a boost to how well our brain performs is to work at the less developed side in an attempt to equal them out.

As a logical focused person, have a go at activities that make you have to improvise or make things up, falling back on inspiration. Learn a skill that requires you to use your senses like music, art, etc.

On the other hand, if you do nothing but be creative all day expressing yourself through your work, be it as a performer or other artist, making the effort of working at solving problems in a calculating manner will help you develop the logical centre of your brain. Playing games such as chess or solving puzzles is a great start.

Don't settle for easy: There are always a number of options or possible solutions to a problem. We usually try to find the one that requires the least effort and is the most efficient. What is also nearly always a factor is simplicity. The easier the solution is to get to, the more likely we are to accept it and move on. This however is like going to the gym and working out with weights that are a few kilos lighter than your limit. Hence you are not challenging yourself. Go through the trouble of giving your imagination some leeway from time to time and try and find an alternative solution to the easy one we took no time to determine.

Experience new things: Monotony is hardly going to change anything. Our brain is not likely to feel the need to work the senses that receive information on the outside world if the environment stays the same On the other hand, if we were to constantly present the brain with new experiences to take in and analyse for future reference, it will see itself forced to fall back on that information in the future when the next new thing comes.

By: Brainiac

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