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Gynecologist Defined

Do I Need an OB-Gynecologist?

"OB-Gyne" as previously mentioned, stands for obstetrician-gynecologist, which are two different specialists that cater to women. Gynecologists are not all obstetricians but they do work together in one clinic to cater to all women, pregnant or non-pregnant. They perform pre-natal check ups as well as regular check ups for non-pregnant women. This type of practice will make sure you are healthy to get pregnant, you are healthy at pregnancy, your pregnancy proceeds well and the birth goes just fine. If you are a woman who is of child-bearing age, make sure to have a good practitioner on your phone or address book.

Visit Timeframe for the OB-Gyne

When you begin to take birth control of any form you will need to see an OB-Gyne located in the Miami area. If you have not made an appointment with an OB-Gyne by the time you are twenty one you really should to get all of your feminine reproductive parts checked up. Moreover, be mindful of your menstrual period and consult with an OB-Gyne if there are irregularities. A Gynecological practice will check if you have normal reproductive organs. Pelvic exam and Pap smear are recommended tests to know your reproductive status. You may also be scheduled for a mammogram to check your breasts for lumps.

OB-Gyne and Pregnant Women

If you become pregnant your Miami Gynecologist will schedule you for 3 visits during the nine months of pregnancy. An obstetrician practices surgery on woman's reproductive organs. They will be medical specialists who are focused in that area. Of the 3 trimesters of the pregnancy the 1st one consists of blood counts, blood types, some screening tests such as Hepatitis B, a Pap and a check of your urine. The 2nd and 3rd include an ultrasound and other tests.

The Practice of OB-Gyne

Gynecologists in Miami are trained to do a pap smear, a pelvic exam, some forms of surgery maybe a level of hysterectomy which can be in or out patient surgery. They're able to perform a tubal ligation or even the cesarean birth.

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