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Prostate Urinary Flow Conditions

The aging process brings health issues that occur in bodies that were never issues before. I’m reminded of this fact every morning. Both men and women have problems that occur specifically because of age. For men, a real problem that can be seriously dangerous is involves the prostate gland.

The prostate gland is a part of the male reproductive organ. Located at the bottom of the bladder, the prostate is close to the size of a walnut. The urethra, a thin tube that runs through this gland, allows for the passing of urine from the penis.

This organ can function just fine when a man is young or even middle aged.

However, as we age, issues may occur such as inflammation or prostate cancer that may critically affect the process of urination.

Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

One of the signs that something is wrong is difficulty urinating or doing so with pain.

There are other symptoms to look for that deal specifically with the prostate urinary flow. These include frequent urination, the inability to urinate as well as the need to go often during the night.

Also, if the bladder does not feel empty after urination, this is a sign that something is amiss. If the urine flow is slow or there is no force behind urinating, take notice to see a doctor. These are all symptoms that may indicate that something is definitely wrong and your prostate could be affected.

Other signs may include the need to go with such urgency that you feel you might not make it. And, continuing to leak urine after peeing already is an indication of a problem. Please take notice that these are symptoms that should be followed up with medical attention.

A visit to the doctor would absolutely be necessary if any blood shows up in the urine.

Also, an excretion from the penis or severity in the ability to hold your urine is a serious concern. Of course, if you cannot release urine at all, there should be no hesitation in contacting your physician.

Other elements may affect the prostate urinary flow such as an infection because bacteria can certainly cause inflammation. Because bacteria can cause prostatitis, antibiotics are essential for treatment of the condition.

However, there is no sure way to know what may be causing the problem other than seeing a physician. Additional factors that may require expedient action are pain in the lower back, pain in the groin area, and a fever.

It is important to note here that an enlarged gland does not necessarily cause problems with the prostate urinary flow.

Other Causes of Urinary Flow Problems

It is also important to note that another cause of impacted flow is BPH. BPH stands for benign prostatic hyperplasia. This definitely causes the swelling of the gland but is more common in older men.

Though rare, an acute condition of this sort requires hospitalization if it causes the urinary flow to stop completely. Should that occur, a catheter is required to release the bladder of urine.

The steps for treatment for any of the above conditions begin with seeing your physician. Once diagnosis is made on what is causing the problem, steps to correct the problem can begin.

The visit to the doctor will require evaluation based on several tests performed. These tests include a physical exam, a urine check, a flow rate check, and an ultrasound. The physical examination will reveal the size of the prostate. The urine test will check for infection. The flow rate will determine how fast you pass urine and the ultrasound gives a picture of the kidney to make sure the bladder is emptying completely.

Once the information from these tests is received the treatment process begins. In instances where the problem is not severe, self-help is the key. Check fluids being consumed. If necessary, reduce them.

Drinking too much before going to bed may cause the frequent urination at night.

Coffee, caffeinated drinks, and alcohol can all be culprits causing the midnight runs. Restriction of these items is what can help minimize or alleviate symptoms. Milk the urethra after peeing to handle dribbling.

Low-impact exercise can help to minimize symptoms. It may be necessary to retrain the bladder. Another self-help method is the application of heat to the bladder area. The heat aids the urination process because it relaxes the muscles.

For the more serious issues like infection, medication is the necessary treatment. Antibiotics are prescribed as the treatment for infection and may take several weeks of consumption to erase the problem.

For severe blockage, there may be a need for surgery. A surgical procedure may require an incision or an open prostatectomy. An open prostatectomy leaves the prostate but removes the tissue around the urethra. Laser resection is gaining popularity as the treatment of choice because of the success rate in managing the condition.

It is important to remember the serious symptoms that will require immediate action such as blood in the urine, no urination at all, pain when peeing, and the inability to hold your pee as well as excretion from the penis. These items all warrant an immediate call to your physician.

Prostate Problem Prevention

Noticing the small changes in the prostate urinary flow will enable you to apply self-help methods for symptoms that are not serious.

A regular visit to the physician can help in taking notice of changes in the body. It bears repeating that change is inherent in the aging process. However, take the time to visit regularly with the physician because changes can be revealed that may not be causing symptoms yet.

Early treatment is a major factor in diminishing unnecessary pain and suffering.

Neglect and delay in action continue to be the nemesis of good health. Make sure that prompt action is taken for any symptom that lingers. Consequences can be dire for holding urine because this can cause serious problems with your kidney.

The older you get, the more important proactive steps become to maintaining good health as you age.

Symptoms that affect prostate urinary flow can be treated if recognized and monitored. This does not have to be an overwhelming problem. The need to take proactive steps cannot be overemphasized, especially when it comes to aging and maintaining good health.

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By: Glen Greeenbaum

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