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BMC Injection: The Future of Orthopedic Injuries Treatment

Orthopedic injuries are very common with sports person and aged people. It mostly occurs due to the weakening and damage of the cartilage matrix, causing severe pain, functional limitations and even disability in the long run. BMC, the acronym for Bone Marrow Concentrate, is a non-surgical treatment for many serious orthopedic injuries. Bone marrow is the flexible tissue present inside the bones. An adult marrow is capable of producing regenerative cells. These cells are mostly taken out from the patient's hip bone and then used as BMC injection therapy. BMC is a concentrate of regenerative cells extracted from a patient's own bone marrow. The general practitioner extracts a small amount of the patient's bone marrow and spins it in a centrifuge for getting a strong concentrate for injecting in the injured area.

BMC Injection: The Future of Orthopedic Injuries Treatment
Although you might think that taking out these types of cells from body can be very difficult and expensive, the technological improvements and latest techniques have made it very easy to get regenerative cells by a simple office procedure. BMC augments the body's natural healing procedure as they have the propensity to reproduce themselves into a range of tissue types, which does not happen with other body cells. When you get injured, the standard number of regenerative cells required for tissue regeneration is mostly insufficient. With the help of BMC procedure, the concentrate of regenerative cells can offer a more vigorous therapeutic of the damaged tissue and assist in growth and restoration.

More researches are going on to explore more benefits associated with BMC, but it has been shown to lessen swelling, alleviate pain and boost healing of articular cartilage and bone. Some recent researches show that moderate to stern cases of osteoarthritis and serious tendon injuries can be treated effectively with BMC. Most doctors advocate that PRP can be more suitable for mild to moderate osteoarthritis or tendon injuries in a dynamic patient. BMC can be used for more exigent cases where more powerful outcomes are desired. The majority of patients report initial improvement between two to six weeks after getting BMC.

The patients also notice improved stability and potency along with significant decrease in pain. Major benefits are experienced between 6 weeks and 3months. During this time patients are asked to remain active, shed extra kilos, toughen adjacent muscles, maintain a proper diet and sleep routine. BMC injections are considered perfect for end-stage arthritis or conditions branching from severe structural injury. When a patient experiences a bone or cartilage defect then unquestionably BMC treatment has better healing prospective. Apart from BMC, patients are also suggested viscosupplementation injections that can provide temporary respite from pain for years. The medical professionals also suggest that viscosupplementation has the potential to lessen swelling and pain, and thus it is often recommended for chronic pain in arthritic joints and traumatic sports injuries pain. Before going through any surgery because of your injury, talk to your doctor about non-surgical treatments like BMC.

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