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Meditation for a better state of mind

8 Minute Meditation: Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life.There are times when we all wish would could clear our minds of thoughts that are troubling us. Learning Meditation can help us to be able to create moments in time where our minds are without the concerns of our day to day lives. It is only obvious that meditation has health benefits. Our mind and body are connected. The stress you feel can create body chemicals that do you harm. Meditation can remove the stress and concern. However, meditation for many people can be a struggle in itself. It can take real practice to achieve the results that so many people desire.

Sometimes, the more we try to clear our minds, the more stressed we become. So when beginning meditation some prefer to use music to help the process. Music is great for focussing attention and engaging emotions. It offers an opportunity to let our minds go with the sounds and away from the stresses and concerns of our day.

What music is best? I recently read an article that suggested that you shouldn’t have music with singing. Personally I prefer music on its’ own or music accompanied by the voice of a meditation guide.

In fact, I’ve found guided meditation can be incredibly powerful. So what is a guided meditation? Well, it actually varies, from guide to guide, but really it’s all about following instructions.

All forms of meditation will help. The important part is that you make the time to do it. I wholeheartedly encourage you to set aside some time. It doesn’t have to be much. Maybe 10-20 minute 3 times a week. If you do, I guarantee you will feel the benefits.

You can download a free guided meditation here

By: Gareth Graham

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