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Want to stop smoking?

Quit Smoking Today Without Gaining WeightSmoking is a great health and environmental hazard . They end up as nicotine addicts and affect the respiratory system especially the lungs and the blood. A decision to quit smoking should be taken at the earliest to prevent further damage to the vital organs.

Tips to Quit Smoking

The individual should be strong willed and confident that he would be able to resist the urge to smoke.

* List out the plan of action and who would appreciate the decision. * Create a dead line as an anchor to cherish it in memory for a life time. * Consult a doctor for valuable information. * Regular exercise regime helps one to control the withdrawal symptoms. * Breathing exercises - deep inhaling and exhaling help to relax the taut muscles and mind.

· Imagine all the positive sides of your effort when you have succeeded - better relationship, good health and a decent savings.

· Smoking should be stopped gradually by reducing the number everyday. Concentration can be shifted to other healthy snacks.

Hazards of Smoking

If the individual is not strong willed and unable to hold on then he will continue to be a nicotine addict. Health gets affected and life span is reduced from 2-10 years. Smoking injures the health of other family members because passive smoking falls at a 30% risk of cancer.
Benefits in health

The result of quitting is immediate because they tend to gain an average weight of 5 pounds. Advance research shows that healing starts 20 minutes from cessation. There appears a dramatic change in the blood pressure and heart rate

In 8 hours the blood is purified to an extent from nicotine and carbon monoxide.

Oxygen is normalized.

* In 12hours the blood is totally cleansed of carbon monoxide * In 24 hours the body is relieved of carbon monoxide and the lungs flush out the phlegm and other impurities. * In 48 hours nicotine is expelled from the body and sense of smell and taste improves. * In 72 hours the cluttered bronchial tubes are cleansed and breathing becomes normal. * In one year, blood function improves and lung functions above 10%. Risk of heart and coronary diseases are reduced to 50%. * In 5-15 years the individual becomes normal and the risk would reduce to the level of a non smoker.

By: Charles Martinez

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