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Exfoliation For Healthy Skin

By: Heinz Heich

Beautiful skin does not need any make up; however to keep it beautiful you may need to use some products. The topmost on the list are exfoliating agents or exfoliators.

Our skin has its own natural way of shedding dry skin cell to allow new ones to take their place but there are certain types of skin that need external help for the process. Some like the oily type do not easily get rid of dead cells because of their oily nature. Dry skin has higher dead cell accumulation and is the most resistant to natural exfoliation.

Any area of the skin on the body can be exfoliated but remember that skin is not the same in all areas so use an area specific exfoliate. For example the face will need gentle removal of dead cells however the foot may need a much stronger exfoliation.

How does Exfoliation promote Healthy Skin?
* It removes the uppermost dead layer of cells which can give a dull dark complexion. This will reveal the new healthy tissue beneath it. The average human being generates a new layer of skin every month on an average.
* The process also helps to prevent acne whose main cause is clogged pores due to excess sebum. Existing acne areas should not be scrubbed as it might aggravate the problem; however if you do not have acne scrub regularly to keep pores clean.
* It prevents lines from appearing by keeping skin fresh and new.
* It increases the capacity of the skin to absorb moisture.
How to exfoliate?

* Wet the area.
* Pour a little exfoliating liquid or cream on to a scrubbing sponge or loofah.
* Scrub with circular motions
* Rinse

Do remember to moisturize well after scrubbing else skin will become dry; also do not scrub daily, once or twice a week is sufficient for healthy skin.

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