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Krill Oil Vs. Fish Oil

By: Deewan Aw

The first thing that needed to be cleared is that the only similarity that exists between fish oil and krill oil is that they both contain Omega 3. Here all the similarities between two end. Now the first thing, what krill is? This is a tiny creature found in great depth of seas in very cold waters. Now that’s where there is least of pollution in water and secondly as this much icy cold water is of Antarctic Ocean so definitely there is less of pollution naturally as industrial zones doesn’t exist any where near by. This makes the krill oil better than fish oil in the sense that there are less chances of contamination.

The one very major plus point that krill oil has over fish oil is that, the fish oil is said to reduce the fats in heart by just two percent while the krill oil has ability to reduce fats in heart by more than forty two percent. Krill oil remains fresh for longer period of time as compared to fish oil so there is no problem of it being rotten. Krill oil is not as smelly and hard to swallow as fish oil is. These capsules are easily swallow able and doesn’t have after effects like of fish oil that is bad breath and burps.
Now these were few things very positive about krill oil, this is usually what you experience to listen generally these days. Now come to a little practical comparison, as far as freshness is concerned krill oil is being processed by adding anti oxidants to it to keep it fresh for long on the other hand for freshness of fish oil matter is already taken care by fisheries, they get oil only from fresh fishes. Now one thing that supports that fish oil is better is that DHA that is main power house of Omega 3 is found in much higher percentage in fish oil as compared to fish oil.

On monetary concerns too fish oil is much cheaper on an average monthly consumption for a family as compared to krill oil as it is consumed more because of low level of DHA in it. Now its up to you that which one you feel better for yourself and your family.

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