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Get Gladiator Body With Dumbbell Exercise

Men's Health: The Book of Muscle : The World's Most Authoritative Guide to Building Your BodyDo you want to have body like gladiator? And you can attract many women with that posture? Just gain some muscle by doing workout program. Nowadays, you are free to choose your own exercise, such as regular weight training that help you to burn fat and improve muscle density. Or the other one is join fitness center that give you access to try all weight and cardio machines.

To obtain body like Gladiator, you can train your body at home. You don't have to waste much money and do the exercise during your spare time. So, you'll not disturb your hectic daily routine with visiting gym center. Try to perform home dumbbell exercise routine. Here is step to ease you apply the workout at home.

1. Bench Press Lie on the ground or weight bench, then place your feet against the floor. Keep your lower back to prevent overload strain and pick weight that quite different. Put pillows underneath your elbow for additional support. Hold dumbbell with palm facing away from you. Next, raise your arms slowly and bend the dumbbell, so the palms will face to each other. And then, lowering the weight and back to the first position. Apply it in 3 sets with 10 repetitions.

2. Shoulder Press Look for a weight that is challenging you, but ensure it's not too heavy. Firstly, stand on your feet with six inches apart and knee little bent. Lift the dumbbells above your head. Then, slowly lower it to your shoulder and raise it back. Do it for 10 times in 3 sets.

3. Pull Backs Grab two heavy dumbbells and put in front of you. Set one foot in front of the other one and push your chest downward up to 90 degree angle to the floor. Pick up the dumbbells slowly, and then turning your palms toward each other. Keep the flat-back position; pull the weight up toward your body. Bond the muscle at the top of the movement right before lowering the weights down toward your knee. Repeat it for 10 times with 3 sets and rest for 2 minutes between each set.
4. Tricep Press Have single dumbbell and hold it with your two hands. Lift the weight above your head. Lower it to the behind of your neck. Then, expand it from the elbow joint upward and lower it back down your head. Ensure that you keep elbow tight against your ears in each of the tricep press. Apply it in 3 sets with 8 repetitions.

5. Standing Bicep Curls Stand with both of your feet wide apart at the level of your shoulder and knee slightly bent to support your back. Choose the weight that is challenging you, but ensure is not extremely heavy. Hold the dumbbell with palm facing toward you; twist your arm toward chest. Pause in 3 seconds. Next, release the weight slowly and back to the first position. Apply it for 12 repetitions and in 3 sets.

By performing this dumbbell exercise, you'll train your body like gladiator. You don't have to spend more money for fitness center and it also saves your time. Apply it at your cozy home and get gladiator body in a flash.

By: Karen J

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