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Take Back Your Complexion

By: Don George

So you have developed some bad habits, we all have. But now is the time to break those bad habits that you have developed over the years and take back that beautiful complexion of yours.

Now skipping your sunscreen application on a gray winter day or flopping into your bed in full makeup probably will not do you any real harm but do that too many times and it will surely lead you to signs of age. But let us not do that, let us do the opposite. You should take a few minutes each day for what I will call intelligent skin care that can prevent you from having many years worth of those dreaded wrinkles, your brown spots, and much more. So whether you are a repeat offender or just someone who makes an occasional mistake, I will relate to you five of the most common excuses I hear in regards to why you are aging your skin. And I will also give you some simple solutions that will keep you looking young.

So you are tired and it has been a long day so you do not think you will wash your face. Do you think it is good for your skin to sleep with dirt, oil, and makeup on your face? This causes enlarged pores and acne. Take two minutes to cleanse before bed, so you will have a fresh faced look for years. This is not too much to ask for healthy young skin.

And sunscreen, you know you need it on all year long. It is the number one cause of aging skin. The number one way to guard against the sun is to put sunscreen on very day of the year, pay particular attention to the back of your neck and the back of your hands (SPF30 please).
I hear you say taking care of my skin costs too much money. Not true, some of the mass produced products are actually better than the expensive ones. Read the labels and look for retinoid, AHAs, peptides, vitamin C and hydrators as the products containing these will be the most effective. Do not shop by price!

Products do not work over night, in fact, give them at least eight weeks and then check yourself out. Give the product time to deliver - you took years to age your skin, a few weeks for recovery should be tolerable.

Exfoliate, get rid of the dead cells, this will help soften your wrinkles and brighten your skin. A word of caution, aggressive scrubbing can lead to redness and irritation so use a chemical exfoliator or gentle cleansing beads.

So if you want skin that does not look old, do as I have suggested. Remember as always you must live well to be well.

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