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In addition to their luxury machines, many treadmill companies also produce manual treadmill on their products. If an electronic treadmill requires the electric power to move the wheel, a manual treadmill is simply functioned by treading of user on the belt because it is not motorized machine. When compared to electric machine, a manual treadmill usually lighter, easy to stored and cheaper. Because manual treadmill isn't a motorized machine, which doesn't have too numerous parts to get repaired, thus it will be easier for maintenance rather than a motorized one.

Manual treadmills may not be right for those who are advanced runners that mostly taking up running in every workout. You won't get the basic features such as speed control, heart rate monitor, incline adjustment and the like on a manual treadmill. If you only want breaking a sweat by getting regular moderate walking, then a manual treadmill is enough for you. On the contrary, if you're fanatic of running workout and really care about the additional features, then manual treadmill will certainly not work for you. You are much better to look at motorized treadmills. They'll give you all of the extra features you wanted as long as you can afford to spend more of cash for purchasing.
Although there is still open for debate, manual treadmills are highly regarded by many health and fitness experts as the better ones to lose additional pounds around hips as well as abdomen. In order to keep the belt moving smoothly, manual treadmill requires the exerciser to take a bit more effort. It's definitely doesn't go the same to a motorized treadmill where the user merely just push a button and the motor then does the rest. In this way manual treadmill might provide a better performing.

Manual treadmill however isn't suit to obese user. It isn't recommended to obese user because manual treadmill won't work for heavy workout. Instead of losing weight, it can cause injures to user's joints.

All in all, if you're on a tight budget yet really desire to use a treadmill for simple and easy workout, then a manual treadmill may be suits your expectations.

By: Duaka Karles

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