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Is Obesity Linked to Cancer?

By: Sherri Haggard

I was overweight for a long time in my life, and I tried every diet there was to lose weight. Finally, I was motivated to do something when I realized the effects on my body, due to being overweight. The CDC reports that, as a leading cause of death, obesity in America is fast approaching tobacco at the top spot.

The BMI and Obesity

Obesity is measured by using the BMI (body mass index). It is a formula that measures weight in relationship to height. A BMI of 30 percent or more is considered obese. 25 to 29 percent is considered overweight.

Obesity Linked to Cancer, Heart Problems, and Gallstones

Being overweight puts you at risk for various problems and various types of cancer. No one knows why for sure, but there is a connection between being overweight and cancer. Men are at risk for rectum, colon, and prostrate cancers. Women are at risk for breast cancer, endometrial cancers and colon cancer.

A couple more risk factors are hypertension and heart disease. Not all overweight people have hypertension but about 28 percent of women do, and about 26 percent of men do. Heart disease raises cholesterol, triglycerides, and can cause heart failure. This means you are a heart attack waiting to happen. Another factor is gallbladder disease. Gallbladder disease produces gallstones, a little rock or pebble like substance.
Risk Does Not Have to Occur

All that is bad news, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Those are all "risks," nothing written in stone. Make simple lifestyle changes and you can avert disaster.

· Eat a good healthy diet, throw away the junk food · Make better choices and seek out a nutritionist if you have too. · Design yourself a fitness program one that you can follow.

Before you do all this, be sure go to your doctor, get yourself checked out, and cleared to start a fitness plan. When you make educated and wise decisions, your life starts changing for the better. You can do it, remember your life could depend on it.

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