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Chantix Varenicline: Is it better than other treatments?

If you are serious about quitting smoking, then you can seek support or help from various sources that promote smoking cessation programs in your area. Smoking cessation help is also available online. While searching for smoking cessation drugs online, you will find many drugs that have the potential to help you to kick the habit successfully.

One of the drugs that have been found to be most useful in helping people quit smoking is chantix varenicline. It's a popular prescription drug that distinguishes itself from other smoking cessation drugs because of its effectiveness. chantix helps people quit smoking easily by reducing nicotine cravings as well as withdrawal symptoms.

How chantix works?

The main ingredient in chantix is varenicline tartrate, which works by reducing nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms among smokers during their quit smoking tryst. Unlike many other treatments for smoking cessation, chantix varenicline does not contain nicotine. It's probably one of the reasons for its effectiveness and popularity as an effective quit smoking drug.


chantix dosages should be taken exactly as prescribed to you by your doctor. It is available in 2 dosage strengths - 0.5 mg and 1 mg tablets. The normal dosing schedule is to start with a lower dose of 0.5 mg tablet once daily for the first 3 days and then increasing the same dose to twice daily from days 4 to 7. From day 8 onwards, you can take 1 mg tablet twice daily till the end of the treatment period.

Treatment period

chantix varenicline is prescribed for a treatment period of 12 weeks. Those who are unable to quit completely during this period may be recommended an extended course of treatment for another 12 weeks, primarily depending upon their suitability and tolerance to the drug.


chantix is not for everyone. It may prove unsuitable for some people. chantix should be strictly avoided by pregnant women and nursing mothers; by people who have a history of seizures or mental illness such as depression; and by people taking contraindicated drugs. Before taking chantix varenicline, you should make sure that it will not cause any serious side effects. If you feel any discomfort during the 12 week treatment, you should seek medical help.

Side effects

Common side effects of chantix are nausea, headache, insomnia (difficulty in sleeping), abnormal dreams, constipation, indigestion, flatulence, dry mouth, vomiting, stomach discomfort, dizziness, fatigue, increased appetite and changes in taste sensations. Should you be afflicted by any of the chantix varenicline side effects, it would be best to consult a doctor immediately.

Availability of chantix

chantix varenicline can be availed from any licensed local pharmacy as well as online. In both the processes, you require a valid prescription from a doctor. Before buying chantix from a local licensed pharmacy, you need to obtain a valid prescription from the doctor who will check your suitability for the smoking cessation drug. And if you wish to order chantix online, then you will need to complete an online consultation from a reliable online source. Although convenient and similar, an online consultation can in no way replace a face-to-face consultation by a doctor.

Why chantix is better than other smoking cessation treatments?

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of chantix varenicline is its effectiveness in helping people to quit smoking successfully. It's considered to be on of the better smoking cessation treatments available on the market.

Some of the other treatments for smoking cessation are nicotine replacement therapies that are available in different forms such as gums, patches, lozenges and inhalers. However, the disadvantage with nicotine replacement therapies is that these help in smoking cessation through slow absorption of nicotine in extremely low doses, the key addictive ingredient in cigarettes.
Zyban is another oral drug that is available on prescription only. It contains bupropion hydrochloride as the key ingredient, which works with additional effectiveness when combined with motivational support techniques. Zyban is primarily an anti-depressant.

Some people have quit smoking the cold turkey way; however, this experience is very unpleasant and their numbers are fast dwindling with the emergence of chantix . Very few smokers have the requisite will power to quit smoking without external help. Irrespective of the way it comes, most people do require successive attempts to quit smoking; additional emotional and motivational support can be provided by family members, friends or even a counsellor.

Anyone with a valid prescription can buy chantix online or directly from a pharmacy. Whichever way you choose to procure the drug, the important thing is that smoking cessation is achieved.

By: Maverick Jones

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