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Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber for weight loss, blood sugar levels, colon cleansing, preventing cancer of the colon, and regular bowel movements

Bran, gums, mucilages, cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, and pectin are the dietary fibers that we all need for good health!

People will ask me...
Fiber is good for good health? What do you mean by fiber, especially those kind? I've never heard of these fibers. Are they new or where can I get them?

Well, they're dietary fiber, but not the kind of fibers that make up fabric. Instead these dietary fibers create a kind of net when we eat them. The net they create picks up toxins, cholesterol, fat, heavy metals, and cleans out the intestinal track, a natural colon cleansing! They stabilize our blood sugar levels, aid in the prevention of cancer (especially colon cancer), aids us in constipation keeping us with regular bowel movements (we poop better and easier)! They help control appetite and they help aid in weight loss! You could say dietary fiber is more than a healthy choice they are an essential part of every ones diet!

Now that you know what dietary fiber is and the different types of dietary fiber, let's discuss what all the benefits are. Dietary fiber is essential to cleansing out our bodies system of heavy metals, cholesterol, fat, water, bile acids, toxins, cancer causing agents, from our colon and the making of good bowel movements, the prevention of constipation! It's easy to get dietary fiber in most of our diets just by eat whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and by fiber supplements.
If you do take a dietary fiber supplement, always take the dietary fiber supplement by itself at least a few hours before or after you've taken prescription drugs or other vitamins and mineral supplements. Why? Because dietary fiber interferes with the absorption of these supplements and you want to make sure your getting all the benefits from all your dietary supplements! Dietary fiber aids in weight loss, blood sugar levels, intestinal track or colon cleansing, preventing cancer of the colon, regular bowel movements & constipation! Make sure you make dietary fiber a friend and add this friend to your diet every day! Nothing feels better or is better for your health than good bowel movements.

Healthy Living!

By: GS Headley

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