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Your Brain Will Perform Better With A Calm Mind

With the use of meditation you can calm not only your body but your mind also. This article is for those who are uncertain about meditation as a mind calming technique because of the opinion that meditation is a hard procedure to master. It may be true that to sharpen your meditation skills you need to practice every day for years, but the thing is you can start your practice by beginning with simple breath and relaxation methods which will help calm the mind.

As everyone knows, having a calm mind the thinking and problem solving process is made a lot easier. With the use of mediation, your concentration will be increased, which will allow you to fully focus on any mental pursuit that you are working on. Start practicing your meditation by following the procedure below.

1) Breath Awareness:
First find a place where you can sit and relax. Once you have found a place then start to concentrate on your breathing for a few moments. Just clear your mind and have a peaceful time on your own. Once you become an expert at meditation you will able to meditate anywhere you want. But seeing that you are a beginner just locate a nice peaceful place to start with.

2) Make Sure You're comfortable:
Find a position that will keep you relaxed but not asleep. A lot of people use the lotus position for their meditation which involves crossing the legs and keeping the back straight, but if you find this position too hard to get into just sit in a chair. If you can lie down without falling asleep, then this may be the most comfortable position for you. Just keep yourself perfectly still and relaxed but not asleep.

3) Let Go of Your Tension:
Examine which part of your body is most tense. Then tense up the area even more and then release the tension. The best way to practice this relaxation technique is to start by tensing the feet then releasing the tension. Do this tensing and releasing all the way up the body finishing with the scalp. If you practice this relaxation every day, you will soon be able to relax whenever you want just by thinking of the process.
4) Breathe correctly:
Take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. By breathing correctly the air can easily pass through your lungs. When you breathe correctly your diaphragm, abdomen and chest expand every time you breathe through the nose. You can feel this happening by putting your hands on your ribcage. This is how you should breathe at all times.

5) Concentration:
There may be times when your mind may be distracted by other thoughts, but you must always remind yourself to concentrate on your breathing. With regular reminder, the thoughts that may distract you will quickly go away. So remember always concentrate on your breathing this in turn will calm the mind.
Try to meditate at least five minutes every day. And then if you want to you can increase the time. Remember meditation can really help you calm your mind and lower your stress level, as well as increasing your concentration. Good Luck!

By: Dion Daly

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