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Different Yoga Poses For Different Needs

Right now, in these troubled world due to hectic lifestyle and poor rushed diet, there are many people who have experienced joint problems, even those who are considered young and in their prime years and have had to use yoga to heal their stiff and painful joints. This Hindu discipline has been gradually embraced by more and more people as a way of reducing weight and therefore, reduce the resulting stress on the joints. As a result, many have testified over and over again about the great wonders that yoga has done for them. For those who are new in this arena, they may be left wondering what yoga is good for those that have joint problems and do not wish for it to get worse. By using a yoga instructor, you can know exactly the best type of yoga to carry out to maximize the results intended.

If you are fortunate enough to get a qualified professional to help you, the first step is of course, to establish the cause of the pain. That is to ascertain whether the pain is coming from the stiffness in the shoulders, knees or the back. This is done to make sure that the right type of exercise is done to produce good results. For most women though, the cause of joint pains is usually menstruation periods, this will result in the women having discomfort or monthly cramps, sometimes severe. In any case, the physician must always establish the cause of the pain.

One of the best pose is the tad asana. For those who are not well versed with yoga, this involves standing with the inner edges of the feet together. However, if it is the back that is calling out of help, as in the person is experiencing the stiffness at their back, then the best position to relax the stiff muscle will be the bhujangasana pose, which is also known as the cobra. And then, if there is a lot of tension in the muscles, well, the best Hindu pose will then be the matsenyendrasana pose. However, in any case, irregardless of what the yoga pose will be, do ensure that before exercising, there is ample and sufficient time for you to stretch and warm up effectively before easing into the various yoga poses. Therefore, as much as possible, do try to have a yoga trainer or at least, a friend or partner who is quite well versed in yoga to advice if the pose is being done correctly and of course, be on a balanced diet at each meal time.

By: Sofea Joshua

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