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Two Ways To Get Rid Of Cellulite

How does one get rid of cellulite? The answer to that depends on if you even have it. Cellulite is extra bulges on the buttocks, thighs, and hips and is usually the result of fluid retention. The bulges resemble cottage cheese which is the reason for the term "cottage cheese thighs."

Women will more likely develop cellulite than men because the body tissue is different from men. It is estimated that 95% of women will see this condition and it isn't related to weight gain. Numerous gadgets claim they will get rid for cellulite but natural methods are better and they save you money.

The first step to get rid of cellulite is to watch what you eat. A diet low in fat will mean the body has fewer fat cells and less that needs to be packed away leading to the development of cellulite. Avoid greasy, fried and processed foods which contain high amounts of fat and sugars. This may be the cause of your problem. Add more foods high in fiber and low in fat. These include vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Substitute simple carbohydrates with complex ones like rice and leafy green vegetables.

Decrease your salt intake as it is known to cause water retention. Be certain to drink plenty of water so the body stays hydrated and removes all the harmful toxins. Limit or cut back alcoholic beverages since they have a tendency to hamper the digestive process causing the body to store the extra food as fat. Another habit to break is smoking. It has been shown that those who quit smoking have a better chance of getting rid of or reducing the problem.
A good, moderate exercise program is one way to get rid of cellulite. You don't have to pump iron and get a bodybuilder physique. All you need is a light aerobics program with full range of motion, like speed walking, that will be helpful in removing the extra fat cells. Strength training with light to medium weights burns even more calories and tones the body if combined with aerobics. Aerobics should be performed three to five days weekly for at least 25-30 minutes for the best results. Start out with three days a week until you build stamina. You can alternate a few minutes of aerobics with weight training, which is known as interval training, or do one day of aerobics and one day of weights with a rest in between.

These are the two best tips to get rid of cellulite. While exercise and diet won't completely remove it, a toned body looks healthier and has fewer fat cells. There is no secret formula. It takes diligence and commitment to have the body you want.

By: Sandy Rutherforde

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