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Low Calorie Diets - How To Stay Disciplined

There are many ways you can lose weight, and one of the most obvious ways is to go on a low calorie diet. If you consume less than say 2000 calories per day, and do plenty of exercise as well, you should find that you are able to successfully lose weight. The only problem is that it is very hard to stick to a low calorie diet.

You may find that you are always feeling hungry, or you may simply lack the discipline needed to cut down on all your favourite foods that are loaded with calories. Either way, there are still ways you can overcome this problem.

One way is to make sure you write down every single thing you eat, with the amount of calories of the meal or snack written down alongside it. Then at the end of each day you can add up the total, and see if you are indeed sticking to your diet or not.

If not, you need to be tough on yourself and cut back on the foods you don't really need that are pushing your calorie count up. The good thing about keeping a food diary is that it helps you maintain your focus because you can clearly see where you are going wrong, and what you can do to get back on track.

Another thing you can do is to consider buying every one of your meals instead of making it yourself. By that I mean you should use one of the diet food delivery companies to prepare and deliver your food. The benefit of this is that they will ensure that every meal is healthy and tasty, whilst still being low in calories.

You won't have to worry about what you are going to eat whenever meal times come around because everything is taken care off. Your only job is to go online, look through the menu, choose which meals you want each day, and place your order.

This service doesn't come cheap. You can expect to pay between $15 and $25 per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner (plus snacks), but if you are serious about losing weight and only eat the meals that they provide, then you should hopefully start to lose weight. In which case it will be a price worth paying.

Anyway the point is that you can lose weight if you stick to a low calorie diet. However because they are so difficult to stick to, you should either keep a food diary to document your progress and see where you are going wrong, or consider paying for meals to be delivered to your door so you have no excuses for eating the wrong food and deviating from your diet plan.

By: James Woolley

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