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Feel Younger and Stronger! - Change Your Age by Using Your Body and Brain

Would you like to feel healthy and fit when you hit your 60's?

Well it is possible to be in a really good shape for a very long time if you start taking care of yourself right now, of course the sooner the better. The conditions our health is when we get old is a clear reflection of the way we take care of our health. Seeing other people with really bad health when they hit 60 to 70, can really make you open your eyes and see how important it is to live a healthy life. Of course there is no guarantee that you will live longer if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, but as long as you avoid many death traps during your life time you will die peacefully. When you die really old you leave a lot of memories behind, if you're lucky enough to leave 100 years of memory behind your name that would be great.

When we're teens we tend to take our health for granted, causing us to fall into really unhealthy habits. Some habits can really be hard to stop when they're picked up while growing up, but you should know that is it not impossible to change. Luckily some of us can start a healthy lifestyle since birth, this new generation have begun changing the culture's perceptions of aging by creating and developing healthy, active lifestyles. However, there is still a missing link in our understanding of aging that has not been addressed. The truth is there is so much more than just being healthy, the mysteries of moving youthfully.

Understand that our mind and body are connected to each other intimately, for example; they're like dancing partners. They need each other in order to act and function well. Our bodies are constantly being shaped and reshaped by the way we live, by the moves we make or don't make. The way we think really affects the way we take care of our body. You are what you think!

As we grow up we're constantly learning, to walk, eat, dance, sleep, make love, socialize and think. When we're young we tend to be open minded letting us learn and experience new things. Unfortunately when we mature we tend to move less, we become creatures of our own habits, we stop learning to move in new ways and we usually don't let any new information interfere with what we already "know". Our mind and the way of thinking becomes isolated from new experiences, ideas, and any other information we're not comfortable with.

In response to these actions, our neuromuscular development diminishes, making our health deteriorate as well. We find ourselves with a growing amount of aches and pains, limits, rigidities and many other unpleasant manifestations of aging and diseases.

By changing the way we think and acknowledging important information that will improve or change the way our body and mind work together, is the key to feel younger and stronger for a very long time. A healthy lifestyle along with a healthy and strong mind will help you achieve many goals in life, specially the beautiful opportunity to be a great grandfather or great grandmother one day.

By: Freddy Gandarilla

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