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Ovarian Cyst Rupture Symptoms

Nowadays, a lot of women are getting worried over an ovarian cyst that appears to have exploded. But, what exactly does this mean and how is this occurrence determined? If your doctor told you your ovarian cyst explode on you, that means you most likely had an ovarian cyst rupture. Generally, this implies that a fluid-filled mass developed on your ovary; often this happens when an egg is not released at ovulation and the follicle – the sac – is filled with more and more fluid and gets bigger and bigger. Eventually, the cyst can get so large that part of the wall weakens and fluid begins to leak out; that is, the cyst ruptures.

Ordinary and ruptured ovarian cyst symptoms are more or less the same. Specific differences will only occur in the onset, the severity and the regularity of the symptoms. The most common symptoms and signs of a ruptured ovarian cyst include the following:

Irregular periods
Women, who are 20 years old and above, who are suffering from irregular periods should be concerned. Extreme pelvic pain during monthly periods can also be a sign of a ruptured ovarian cyst, especially if the bleeding is heavy.

Immediate, excruciating pain around the sides of the lower abdomen and within the pelvic region may be experienced by a woman whose cyst has ruptured. Lower back pain can also be felt.

Bladder-related problems
A ruptured ovarian cyst may cause a woman to have the urge to take a trip to the bathroom more frequently than usual. Urinating or controlling urination can also be extremely painful.

Unexpected, sudden bleeding outside of your menstrual cycle can be a sign of a serious problem. Heavy or light bleeding is one of the symptoms of a ruptured ovarian cyst.

Feeling generally unwell
Poor physical condition may include feeling weak, nauseous, vomiting or fainting. All these might be indications of internal bleeding.

Take note that complications may increase as the ovarian cyst that ruptured may generate various symptoms from one woman to another and be ignored for that very reason. A thorough understanding of the symptoms of ovarian cysts that "explode" can be very helpful in choosing the correct treatment before complications arise. To staying vigilant, checking a situation and having regular examinations is critical if you have an ovarian cyst condition. Hence, it is imperative that you mull over these symptoms as guidelines and not an exact diagnosis of your condition since symptoms will not necessarily follow textbook rules.

Although the above-mentioned symptoms are relatively similar to those present when ovarian cyst has not ruptured, there is no reason to ignore them and wait for them to disappear. A ruptured ovarian cyst can have potentially life-threatening complications, including hemorrhage and infection and it is much better to have your symptoms investigated and found benign than to require emergency surgery for a critical condition. Indeed, it pays off to be on the lookout for possible danger than sorry.

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  1. We really shouldn't ignore ruptured ovarian cyst symptoms because if we do, I'm sure it would cause us a lot of pain and discomfort and then surgery, for sure.

  2. Yes , ignoring ovarian cyst rupture completely can lead you to infertility.

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