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Stress and Teenagers

Just like an adult, a teenager is also has problem with stress. Many times as an adult we ignore this and tell ourselves that this is only a hormonal problem or some sort. What we sometimes failed to realize is if this problems continues it is very possible that this problem affect their (the teenagers) lifes and can carry a permanent "mental scars" to their adult lives.

Change of school or neighborhood can greatly affected a teenager's life. A change means he / she must adapt to a new environment, leaving an already familiar and stable live and friends behind, and start all over again in a new place. There are of course kids that can easily adapt to a new place, however, most kids / teenagers are having problems in adapting to a new place. When a teenager failed to adapt to the new environment, usually it means that he / she can't get a new friend, and it can be difficult and stressful as a teenager's life is pretty much evolving around his / her peers.

Academic problems can also be the source of stress in a teenager's life. As we know, not all people are created equal, some are more clever than the others. When a teenager left behind in his / her study, this can make such pressure that often can be too heavy for them too handle, especially when he / she is put in an environment that demands and expect so much from his / her grades.

Bullying is a common problems at school. It is so common that some times we don't realize of how heavy a bully can put a pressure on to another kids. There are many cases where kids / teenagers are afraid to go to school, or his / her grades went down, because they are afraid of the bullies.

Another issue that is commonly found in a teenager's life is relationship issue. Teenagers are learning their life's lesson by observing and grasping what is happening around them. A divorced parents can wound a teenager's soul, and he / she will most likely carry this wound until adulthood.

So as parents, what can we do? We must keep distance from them and let they grow up. Let them make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes. But at the same time, we must never too far from them, and as soon as they let out a cry for help, we hear the cry and rushed to help. We can help by talking to them, try to get in to their world, identify the problem and act accordingly.

By: Mark

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