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How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Quit Smoking

Most individuals associate hypnotherapy with quitting smoking and weight loss. Though it is able of treating far more things than these, this is what hypnotherapy is most known for. What a lot of people don't understand, is how hypnotherapy can help someone to quit smoking. Allow me to explain.

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic tool which allows a therapist to access the subconscious mind. A hypnotherapist guides (they cannot force this regardless of what the media sometimes claims) a person into a hypnotic trance. A hypnotic trance is actually a very natural state of mind that most of us fall into several times every day. It is a daydream like state, that we often experience when engrossed in the TV or a good book. A hypnotic trance is actually a similar state of mind to meditation, where you remain in complete control.

Once in a hypnotic trance, the conscious part of the mind is 'tuned down' allowing for greater access to the subconscious part of the mind.

The subconscious mind is the more automatic part of the mind. It is the part responsible for your habits and urges. People don't generally want to smoke consciously. If you ask a smoker, most will agree that they don't really want to smoke. They will often cite many reasons why smoking is bad, yet they still continue. Why is this?
It is often largely down to the fact that although consciously they don't want to smoke, subconsciously they do. It is their subconscious minds that are driving them to smoke. Like I said earlier, the subconscious part of the mind is responsible for all your automatic urges. It will nag you over and over again until it gets its way. In a contest between your conscious and subconscious, there is only one eventual winner - the subconscious mind.

That is why you can sometimes talk to a smoker until you are blue in the face about the dangers of smoking. They will probably genuinely agree with you that smoking is bad and that they don't really want to smoke. However it is their subconscious minds that are driving them to smoke. It is very difficult to effectively convince someone to quit smoking with a conscious conversation.

Of course you can consciously resist any urge for a while, but that is all you are doing - resisting. The drive remains strong to smoke, and it's only a matter of time before most people cave in. What you need to do is talk to the subconscious mind, and convince it that it no longer needs to smoke. This is where hypnotherapy can greatly help.
When most people begin smoking, they usually cough, and feeling sick and dizzy. The coughing is caused by your lungs' defense system trying to get rid of a foreign matter. The dizziness was caused because of the poison that you system was receiving.

Your subconscious mind was trying to preserve the bodys' delicate chemical balance by giving you signals to tell you that you were poisoning yourself. It was telling you to stop smoking. However because you persisted with smoking, your mind eventually became fooled into thinking that these noxious chemicals were needed for survival. It eventually began to believe that these new chemical levels were the normal chemical balance needed to keep you healthy. Soon messages began to be sent to urge you to smoke whenever the levels of nicotine and other poisons were low.

So because you began to regularly disturb your chemical balance with cigarettes, your subconscious mind began to take these levels as the norm. The balancing mechanism has now been disturbed and your subconscious mind now thinks that you need to smoke in order to be normal. Your younger mind may also have been programmed by repeated hints that smoking was cool and makes you look more worldly wise and mature.

Hypnotherapy can MASSIVELY help because it can reprogrammed the subconscious mind into learning that smoking is a negative thing to do. A good hypnotherapist can communicate with the subconscious mind and tell it that it should stop urging you to smoke. They can tell the subconscious mind that it is actually damaging to your health, and that there is actually nothing cool about it at all.

The person receiving the therapy may still have some urges from time to time, and they still need to put the effort in and fight the addiction, but hypnotherapy makes this far easier to achieve. In Britain, the use of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation has been acknowledged by the British Medical Association as the most effective help available for those who wish to quit smoking.

By: Michael

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  1. Wow! I might suggest this to friends at work who smoke! LOL!

  2. To Michael:
    You can try, Myke. but not to offend him, because smokers usually have very sensitive feelings LOL...!!!