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Type One Diabetes – Hope From Hot Peppers

What is Type One Diabetes?

This has always been considered to be a life-long disease, caused by the immune system destroying beta cells in the pancreas and thus not allowing the body to produce insulin.

Scientists have generally been united in their belief that there was no cure for this disease.

As the number of children diagnosed with Type One Diabetes worryingly grows, it is somewhat encouraging to read about a relatively new study conducted by scientists at the University of Toronto, in Canada.

Thanks to the Internet, this found its way to almost all parts of the globe with amazing ease!

Enter - hot peppers!

It would seem that diabetic mice that were injected with capsaicin (the hotness chemical found in hot peppers) became healthy, and were cured no less than twenty-four hours later!

The scientists injected a substance that served to counteract the effect of faulty pain neurons in the pancreas.

Traditionally experts have held the belief that Type One Diabetes was caused by the failure of the immune system to protect, but Doctor H. M. Dosch and his colleague Doctor M. Salter, at the forefront of the experiment, now believe that the cause may well be the blame of malfunctioning pancreatic nerve neurons.

People suffer from Type One Diabetes when their pancreas stops delivering enough insulin. This causes the inflammation and death of the islet cells found in the pancreas and makes it difficult for the body to process food.

Excessive pain nerves in your "islet cells"

Doctor Dosch had noted in his research that things called "islet cells" in diabetics, were enclosed by a huge number of "pain nerves" that sent signals to the brain that there was damage.

In order to put his theory to test, he injected into his Type One Diabetic mice, the capsaicin, only to find out that the islet cells were immediately coursed into action, and stress on the pancreas was eliminated.

You can imagine the joy of this discovery!

Dr. Dosch and his team were naturally cautiously excited by their findings, findings that fly in the face of conventional beliefs about Type One Diabetes being caused by the body's immune system turning on itself.

Another conclusion that the team made was that there are more similarities between Type One and Types Two Diabetes and other chronic inflammatory conditions, than were previously considered.

Early days, but think about what we ingest

Of course this is still in early day research, but still, the signs appear to be much more positive for sufferers.

Outside of such research, there is still much to be said for being critical of what we eat, and what we feed our children. Maintaining an alkaline body prevents such conditions, and other diseases, from forming. Take time to educate yourself about the benefits from having a properly alkaline/acid balanced body.

By: Maria Renouf

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